Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts of an Italian Writer: Theatrical Company "Anormali da Palcoscenico "Stages Play "Inner Voices" (2)

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To those who have devoted themselves to this theatrical work I would like to express my appreciation and give them my personal Edoardiano recollection. At Montalcino, province of Siena, on July 9 1983,with the conference show "“L’Attore e la Tradizione," this was the last time that Eduardo De Filippo made his theatrical appearance in public. I had the pleasure of assisting as a participant in the seminars of the "Festival Internazionale d'Arte Montalcino Teatro Stage'83" dedicated to the "Italian Theatrical Tradition," produced with the patronage of the Institute of Theater and Performance University of Rome, with Teachers Ferruccio Marotti and Paola Quarenghi, and the collaboration of the Tuscany Region, the Province of Siena, the Commune of Montalcino and the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment.

In that moment I put aside a photograph in black and white and the dedication of the teacher "in memory" for me and for each of the handful of students from all over Italy, who came to perfect themselves in the art of the theater.

From the materials left in dowry with that unrepeatable experience, an excerpt is drawn: "Although young, we feel the strength to lift the world and turn it in our own way, yet doesn't it seem that the strength of billions of experiences made from others, is because men like us can help us? I believe so. However, I am convinced that even to refute and deny a past experience, this experience must be profound and even loved. If you use the life that continues the tradition in the right way, it can give us wings. Certainly if you stop in the past, it will develop into a negative fact, but if we use it as a springboard, then we will jump a lot higher than if we departed from the land." Word of Eduardo.
Dr. Antonio Castaldo
December 24, 2010

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