Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Chaotic Life of a Creative Writer Amidst Pooch Pals, Puppy Poop and Book Clutter (2)

By Miriam Medina

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Holy cow, now the dogs are whining again. Did they get chilli at Wendy's last night too?

NOTE TO SELF: Hide extra car keys and debit cards from T.J. As he appears to have figured out how to work a drive-thru. Also, buy small pink sweater and matching bow.

I think one of them has the runs. I hope they don't start barking or they'll wake up the neighbors.!!@#$%^&*. Geez, what a horrible stink. Ewwwwww! Is that you Buddy, you too, passing gas? Gawd, that's strong enough to wake people up on the fourth floor. I can hear Fred coughing through the walls now. I'm truly sorry, Fred, for the double whammy today. Look at the time, I'll never get anything done, forget the writing, I've already lost my motivation.

At last, the dogs are taken care of. Looks as if everyone is settled down for a while, no more poop concerns, at least for the time being. I want my inspiration back. Let me give the dogs their usual cookie treats so they don't bother me anymore and I can start writing. Satisfied with their doggy biscuits, Buddy climbs up to his usual spot on the sofa while T.J. curls up by my feet. You know, I can't help but love my dogs. Buddy is twelve years old and loves slobbering all over my face. Yuck! The only problem with this is that he has foul breath that could knock your socks off. I've seen him wilt flowers with one blast. Sometimes I wonder if he eats his own poop. I guess one could say that Buddy has a high IQ, since he understands the difference between handing you his right paw and his left paw, but sometimes both paws knock you over, especially when he wants something to eat. He is deaf, which makes me immensely sad, yet he is such an extraordinarily sweet and gentle dog. He is the only dog that I know with sleep apnea. He always gives me that sad sack look when I am eating something so I end up sharing it with him. If he doesn't snore, I get nervous because he lies so still. I have to go over and shake him. Sad to say, arthritis is already starting to affect his hips. He wobbles when he walks. There are times when I feel terrible watching him move with arthritic pain. The sofa is his favorite spot, and each day he appears to have greater difficulty jumping up on it. For whatever little time that I may have left with the old fella, I want to make him as comfortable as I can.

Now for the villain of the day, my T.J., who I sometimes call slippery Louie because he is so fast. He's the insecure one, and every so often he shows aggressive behavior to both me and Buddy, even after being neutered. He'll lick the skin off your face, but can be quite unpredictable, so I handle him with kid gloves. While Buddy is low-keyed and easy-going, T.J. is hyper. He's eight years old. Though T.J. Loves Buddy, he also intimidates him. He is a bully, and if Buddy gets anywhere near him while he is eating, he will bite him, so I always keep them apart at mealtime. They are also inseparable. I call them my pair of bookends. T.J. sleeps on one side of the sofa while Buddy sleeps on the other side. When one starts scratching, the other one follows. Overall Buddy and T.J. both bring joy to my life. They are both so funny and a terrific comfort to me. If I tell T.J. he is going to take a bath, the little shrimp starts howling up a storm like I'm torturing him, while Buddy does the Saint Vitus dance, jerking around like a break dancer with a bad case of hives. For all of us who have pets, whether they be dogs, cats, or any other, they are tremendously valuable to our lives. They give us an inner sense of joy and happiness. If you watch them, pets are actually exceptional, and they are always doing silly things that make their owners laugh.

Pets are also beneficial to both our mental and physical health. It is a known medical fact "that people who constantly maintain angry and hostile attitudes have greater possibilities of suffering heart attacks as well as those living under stressful and anxious lifestyles where their coronary arteries can become blocked." Let's not forget that people who are "habitually depressed also have a two times greater chance of heart disease." However, since pets do make their owners laugh a lot, it not only loosens your face muscles, it also helps lower your blood pressure, which will contribute to a healthier existence. So I appreciate the annoying interruptions even when I am writing. I also can't wait to laugh uproariously at T.J. as the angry little bugger models a foo-foo pink sweater and bow.

To be continued: (3)

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