Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Human Connection, Part I: A Positive Approach Toward a Happier Existence (a)

By Miriam B.Medina

In this article, part one of a two-part series, we will examine the opportunities that the New Year presents us, and will discuss ways we can take advantage of these opportunities in an effort to make ourselves happier, more positive, better people. But first we must identify our negative habits so that we can weed them out. According to the traditional Holiday schedule, spectacular New Year's Eve celebrations have been held in Times Square since 1907. Each and every year more than million revelers flood the area on December 31st, oblivious to the bitter cold as they watch and cheer the descent of the famous New Year's Ball. As the glittery orb starts its descent at 11:59 pm from atop the flagpole at One Times Square, the revelers unite in one voice, counting down the final seconds of the old year.

Promptly at the stroke of midnight, the New Year is welcomed in with the traditional singing of Auld Lang Sine as it is played amidst the revelers joyful, ear-splitting shrieks of Happy New Year, horns blow, there is plenty of hugging, kissing, crying amidst a sea of confetti. If you were ever there to witness the spectacle and partake of the joy in person, you would cling to the memory of the greatest human link you ever saw for as long as your heart beats.

The commencement of a new year not only brings hope to the minds of the people, but most of all, it gives us motivation and a desire to welcome opportunity and a fresh start, pushing us to become better and happier human beings.

This year, in order to embark on this new journey of hope and inspiration, if we wish to complete our "transformation" and claim the happiness we desire at the end of the path, we must start off on the right foot, heading towards improving our human connections as we try to become an exceptional person. To do this, we must start off by removing the cobwebs which have been left by our old negative beliefs. Next we must conquer feelings that may have been carried over from 2010, starting with a clean, positive slate in 2011. We need to create a new vision of ourselves, otherwise we will only repeat today the mistakes that we made yesterday. We will remain the same person we were before, the person that we want to change.

To be continued: The Human Connection, Part I (b)

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