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Thoughts of an Italian Writer: Theatrical Company "Anormali da Palcoscenico "Stages Play "Inner Voices" (1)

Dr. Antonio Castaldo, Sociologist and Journalist, Brusciano, Italy

The Theatrical company "Anormali da Palcoscenico, composed of theater nostalgia was founded in 2001," as stated in the brochure presentation, staged a play by Eduardo De Filippo (Napoli 24.5.1900-Roma 31.10.1984), "Inner Voices" (Le Voci di dentro) near the "Teatro Gloria" of Pomigliano d'Arco, last December 17. The group of young actors, led by Enzo Arena with sureness and creativity evoked the figure of the old actor-manager, with this work has reached the respectful purpose of presenting the twentieth production and introducing the company into its tenth year of activity. This reality arises from the theatrical formation, followed at the local secondary High School, under the workshop management of actor Nello Mascia and guidance of Prof. Vincenzo D'Onofrio president of the "Teatro Pubblico Campano. After that experience, the percipient boys and girls, barely reaching maturity average, decided to establish a theatrical group composed of 15 elements of Pomigliano d'Arco and the rural areas of the interior of the province of Naples.

De Filippo wrote " Inner Voices" (Le voci di dentro)" in 1948 and inserted it in the collection "Cantata dei Giorni Dispari." In this work, the reality dream of Alberto Saporito is represented, where evidence in his dream shows the murder of an acquaintance in his apartment building by members of the Cimmaruta family. Under the influence of the dream and confusing it with reality, he denounces the Cimmarutas to the police. The complaint involves the arrest of all of them who soon for lack of evidence, are released. The doubt that this was a dream which "seemed so real" begins gripping Saporito to the point of immense fear that there will be revenge done against him by the Cimmaruta family. In Saporito's home, there is a brother who tries to take advantage of the situation. With the imminent imprisonment of Alberto for libel and concealment of proof, he would be able to sell off what remains of the equipment of the old family business, especially that of the "holiday apparatus". There is also an uncle, who is in a continual state of aphasia, but in such a way the communicational fireworks code is only obvious to his nephew Alberto.

No longer restricted by Public Safety the Cimmarutas, aunt and nephew, house-maid and lady, including the head of household Pasquale, one by one, paraded in front of the Saportito home, to the astonishment of Alberto who listens to their mutual accusations. Everyone was pointing out that this so-called murder was revealing itself to be a product of an illusion in the mind of a certain author while sleeping.

In this chaotic situation, uncle Nicola recovers his speech for one moment to ask for the word "nu poco 'e pace" and died soon after on his stilts, disconnected from that world and the humanity in which he no longer recognized.

The same Alberto Saporito begins to sum up this unpleasant but significant experience addressing the Cimmarutas: "I have accused you and considering it possible, you have not rebelled. You have put a crime between the probable things of every day; a murder in the family budget! The estimate, don Pasqua', the estimate!... The mutual trust...without which you can get to the crime."

The individual consciousness, sometimes lightened by the vainly-colored suggestions of Zi Nicola, shaken now by a return to the reality of Alberto Saporito, is called to be bound by a renewed commitment to abandon the hypocrisy, malice, suspicion and dislike that often associated with apparent respectability.

The large friendly audience of the "Teatro Gloria" of Pomigliano d'Arco have appreciated the production of the "Anormali da Palcoscenico applauding generously. Therefore, I will give honorable mention to all those in the order of their presentation as listed in the official brochure, characters, performers, technicians and consultants: Donna Rose, the sister of Pasquale Cimmaruta, Milosa Luigi, Maria, the maid, Angela Di Maio; Michele, the porter, Fulvio Velotti; Matilde, wife of Pasquale Cimmaruta, Rossana Mennone; Pasquale Cimmaruta, Simone Borrelli; Carlo Saporito, fratello di Alberto, Sergio Cusano; Alberto Saporito, Enzo Arena; a sergeant, Vito Porricelli; Elvira, daughter of Pasquale Cimmaruta, Maria Merone; Luigi, Son of Pasquale Cimmaruta, Marco Di Vaio; Capa d'angelo, Pasquale Toscano; Zi Nicola, Angelo Capone; Teresa Amitrano, wife of Aniello, Maria Mosca; Aniello Amitrano, Marco La Montagna; Agent of P.S., Nicola Petruolo. Original music by Angelo Capone and Luigi Fusco; Art Consultency, Angelo Capone; Technical Advisors, Vito Porricelli and Nicola Petruolo; Assistant Director, Fulvio Velotti; Assistant director of scenery, Luigi Fusco. Directed by Enzo Arena. The theatrical performance was dedicated to Sebastiano Cerciello, called "Uncle Bruno, dialect poet of the phantasmagoric world of the Feast of the Gigli in Brusciano.

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