Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Human Connection, Part I: A Positive Approach Toward a Happier Existence (b)

By Miriam B. Medina

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To connect is to "come into union or close relation, join or fit." In order to be a better, more special person, we need to reach into the depths of our mind and our heart so that we can discover what issues or conditions there are that we want to improve or change. In the process of truthfully analyzing ourselves, it would be best to write everything down that has been affecting us in a negative way, any and everything that stands between ourselves and having a better human connection.

Not only should we be aware of those issues, but we should be prepared to make the necessary changes in an effort to solve each and every one of them.

However, there are times when, long after we think we have left the past behind, we appear to be reacting emotionally to some situation now that reminds us of some terrible past trauma, or we stir up old feelings of rejection that we thought we had overcome long ago. It's easier to love those who love us, but not always easy to love or tolerate those who have done us significant harm. Nonetheless, whatever pain or distress we may have experienced in the past belongs to the past, so it should stay there. We need to learn from it and start thinking and acting in a positive way in regards to ourself, our relationships, and all that concerns us.

There are many individuals that harbor hurt, hatred, fear, resentment and jealousies against someone else's attempts at being successful. By doing this, we shift the blame for our own individual shortcomings, conflicts or disappointments, placing it squarely on the successful individual we are envious of.

We use excuses such as:

"It's his fault that I feel this way."

"I should have gotten that promotion instead of him."

"I've been working here longer than he has.

"I know she is a great person, but I can't help myself from disliking her for what she did to me."

"I could achieve more if it wasn't for him or her standing in my way."

"Who does he think he is."

"I hope he fails someday; that would show him not to be cocky in aiming so highly."

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