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Poesías de José Martí

Topic: En Ti Encerre Mis Horas De Alegría

En ti encerré mis horas de alegria
Y de amargo dolor;
Permite al menos que en tus horas deje
Mi alma con mi adiós.
Voy a una casa inmensa en que me han dicho
Que es la vida expirar.
La patria allí me lleva. Por la patria,
Morir es gozar más.

4 de abril de 1870

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Manicure For Best Pet Dogs 1902

Is prominent society the only ones who pamper their dog?

One enterprising young woman in New York makes a comfortable income taking care of the pet dogs of rich society women. Not only must a dog in this class have a tailor and hospital for his especial benefit, but he is becoming more fastidious than Mother Hubbard's remarkable pet. He must be waited upon by a manicure. The young woman who makes a business of this travels from house to house by appointment to make the dog's toilet in a most complete fashion.

When the pet dog of Miss Cynthia Roche, daughter of Mrs. Burke Roche, is curled and bathed it is no exaggeration to say that its toilet articles are as dainty as any that might grace a spoiled baby's outfit. There are bushes with silver handles, a basket covered with spotless dimity to contain them, a comb or white with silver mountings, a powder box of crystal, and a puff to match. There are files for the delicate white nails, (that don't look a bit like a real dog's nails should.) and there are scissors that would make many a proud mother's eyes gleam if they were a part of her baby's basket: also a silver soap box with antiseptic soap.

All this is very pretty, but nevertheless there is an everyday side to it, as the young woman who cares for the dogs twice a week by appointment can testify. This young woman is never late. If the dog is not on hand when she arrives she does not wait with a patient smile. Her time is well taken up, and the dog's bath is a matter of business. The operation usually consumes twenty-five minutes, for which the young woman is well paid. First comes the bath. This is a sweet-scented affir, toilet water being used. Often the dogs make things lively while in the bath, but the young woman says that. "If you hold them under the chin they won't move much."

Mrs. George Gould has an entirely different outfit for her little pet. The basket is of wicker, and is padded with silk of dark color, without many bows and fixings on it. Around the sides are pockets for the brushes and combs. They are all of black ebony, with a small silver piece on the back, engraved with the family initials. This pet dog has a bath of its own__a small porcelain tub that might be the delight of some child's heart for her doll's house.

Mrs. Jack Bloodgood has a white dog that is a perfect beauty, both in appearance and in manner. This dog is the delight of the manicure's heart. She is as docile as the proverbial lamb. This little white bit of life has long silky hair, but alas, it does not curl naturally. Its mistress is just as anxious that it should have curls as a mother is that her child with straight hair should be the possessor of ringlets. Consequently there is an instrument of torture in the Bloodgood basket that does not often appear among the toilet articles of a dog__ a pair of small curling irons and a spirit lamp to heat them. The dog is curled three times a week.

Some up-to-date dogs are bleached. If they are a despised yellow shade they are bleached white. If they are an ugly tan they are dyed black. Vanity reaches even to the canine kingdom, for an animal with a yellow coat that is not particularly pre-possessing seems to know when he has changed it for one of a shiny black.

source: New York Times Nov 9, 1902. p.25 (1 page)

El Angel Por José Martí

Ayer una voz del cielo
en mi pecho resonó:
___ ¿Viste un angel en el triste suelo?
y respondí que no.

Más tarde te he conocido,
y al conocerte, te amé ,
y en raudales de amor se han embebido
mi esperanza y mi fe.

También una voz del cielo
hoy ha resonado en mí :
__ ¿Viste algun angel en el triste suelo?
Y respondi que si!

Esta poesía, facilitada por Domingo Figarola-Caneda, fue publicada por Arturo R. de Carricarte en la Revista Martiniana, pero equivocó la fecha de su publicación primera al consignar que había aparecido el 1 de enero de 1870. Ello creó la duda acerca de la autenticidad martiana de la composición. Sin embargo el profesor Huberto Valdivia, que posee un ejemplar de La Ilustración Española y Americana del 25 de diciembre de 1869 en que aquella apareció cree posible afirmar que "El Angel" se debe positivamente a la inspiración de Martí. Corrobora este aserto la circunstancia, plenamente comprobada, de que Martí que se hallaba en prisión, le escribió a su madre el 10 de noviembre de 1869, con el ruego de que consiguiera un ejemplar de El Museo Universal, nombre que llevó la revista mencionada hasta 1869 en que lo cambio. Además, cabe senalar que se conocen varias poesías escritas por Martí en su juventud en las que aparece la imagen "angel."

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Table of Contents (2)

A. ) Getting To Know Mimi (B.) N.Y.C. History (C.) East Harlem(D.) Spanish Harlem (E.) Black Harlem (F.) New York State (G.) Urban/Suburban Living Issues.

Table of Contents (3)
(H.) Chit-Chat Over Coffee Swirls

Table of Contents (4)
(I.) Jewish Knowledge (J.) Self-Improvement (K.) Historical Facts On England & United States

Table of Contents (5)
(L.) Miscellaneous (M.) Timetables (N.) Ethnic Groups (O.) Legal Talk(P.) Entertainment: Backward Glances (Q.) Immigration

Table of Contents (6)

(R.) Women__Bio Sketches, Feminine Fancies, Recipes, Kitchen Talk.(S.) Worship

Table of Contents (7)
(T.) A Little Taste of History, (U.) U.S. History-Transportation, (V) U.S. History-Panics, Economic Depressions

Table of Contents (8)
(W) El Rincón En Español (The Spanish Corner: )This section is dedicated to articles of historical facts, poetry, self-improvement, human interest stories etc. written in Spanish.

Table of Contents (9)
(X) So Mr. President, What Did You Do During Your Term in Office....? (The Series)

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Don't Forget To Hug Your Pet

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    Hi everyone....Meet my dear friend, Professor Dingleberry....He is one of my two dogs. His real name is buddy...he is 11 years old, and loves slobbering all over my face. Yuk! the only problem with this is that he has a terrible bad breath that could knock your socks off. Whew.......you got that right! I guess you would also say that Buddy has a high IQ, since he understands the difference between handing you his right paw and his left paw and sometimes both paws knocking you over, especially when he wants something to eat.. He has excellent hearing when it comes to somebody opening up a bag of potato chips a mile away. Every morning after he goes outside to do his business, he rushes in and waits for his two cookies dipped in coffee. He is the only dog that I know with sleep apnea. Professor Dingleberry is a very gentle dog and has a P.H.D. in flea management. Sadly to say, arthritis is already starting to affect his hips. There are times when I feel so bad for him because of the pain when he moves Then there is the small poodle T.J.(I sometimes call him slippery louie, cause he is so fast) he is the insecure one, nasty as hell and an instigator. . While Buddy is low keyed and easy going, T.J. is the hyper one. He's eight years old. Though T.J. Loves Buddy, he also intimidates him. He is the bully and sometimes he'll attack Buddy whenever there is food nearby. They are also inseparable. I call them my pair of bookends. T.J. sleeps on one side of the sofa, while Buddy sleeps on the other side. When one starts scratching, the other one follows. Overall Buddy and T.J. both bring sunshine to my life....they are both so comical and a great comfort at all times. If I tell T.J. he is going to get a bath, the little shrimp starts howling up a storm, while Buddy does the Saint Vitus dance. For all of us who have pets, whether they be dogs, cats, or any other, they are very important to our lives. They give us an inward feeling of joy and pleasure. If you observe them, pets are truly funny and they are always doing funny things that make their owners laugh a lot.
    Pets are also good for our mental as well as physical health. It is medically said "that people who are “chronically angry and hostile have a greater likelihood for heart attack, people who “live in anxious, stressed out lifestyles have greater blockages of their coronary arteries”, and people who are “chronically depressed have a two times greater chance of heart disease.” "Since pets make their owners laugh a lot, a good laugh loosens muscles, lowers blood pressure, and may lower levels of hormones that create stress and weaken immunity. When you laugh, your body moves blood to your heart and lungs, boosting your energy level and making you feel better instantly.
    This is why people with pets often overcome disease faster than others. ... so start laughing ..... laugh alot......and most of all, besides hugging your kids, don't forget to hug your pet today....