Thursday, April 16, 2009

Replacing Fear and Worry with Hope.....

"A mind dominated by positive emotions, becomes a favorable abode for the state of mind known as faith." Napoleon Hill

We all live in a fear-ridden society. The fear of war existing in the minds of the masses, a continual state of violence running rampant across our nation, as well as the economic life of our nation that is in a delicate state of unbalance causing mass unemployment, home and farm foreclosures, can create a dismal look to our present existence. We need courage and great faith in maintaining the right mental attitude in the midst of such negative external forces. With courage and faith we are mentally preparing ourselves, to be able to control and cope with today.

I realize that one of the greatest enemies in life will always be fear. When a person has fear, you become negative. Remaining in a negative frame of mind will keep you in a powerless state in achieving anything, especially in the area of assuming and maintaining a positive attitude. Every wrong image that we entertain in our minds with feelings of fear behind it eventually will reproduce similar happenings in our life. In order to protect ourselves from the increasing effect of wrong emotional reactions we must acquire the ability to control our feelings. The constant complaining of negative conditions which we bring upon ourselves through fear thinking, eventually more of these unhappy conditions will continue.

Having a positive approach to life does not happen overnight, it is a day by day continual process. Life is a game, you either win or lose and in order to win, one has to stay in the game, whether you like it or not.

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