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Subject of Post: Greenwood Restoration of Louis Moreau Gottschalk's Gravesite

Received From: Joe Gissen ( 5/23/09

After two centuries, Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY is as beautiful as it was at its founding. But such historic beauty is fragile, so since 1999, the Green-Wood Historic Fund's Saved In Time program has been preserving and protecting this American landmark. Through the generosity of members and donors, the Fund has restored many monuments, as well as preserved the stunning parkland in of one of New York City's premiere open spaces.

Now, we are excited to have begun the restoration of the gravesite of legendary American composer and pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869). The most ambitious part of this restoration is the re-creation of Gottschalk's "Angel of Music," a sculpture that once adorned the top of a marble pedestal.

In collaboration with the National Sculpture Society, we have solicited proposals from today's most accomplished figurative sculptors to create a new "Angel of Music," and we will select three finalists. To choose the sculptor who will receive the commission for this important work, we are establishing a "Blue Ribbon" Selection Committee.

With the generosity of donors and members, the non-profit Green-Wood Historic Fund is raising $200,000 for the complete restoration of the monument and gravesite of Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

We hope you will agree to take part in this historical effort. Visit Page:

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