Sunday, November 1, 2009

Domestic Violence: A Heart-Rendering Experience (3)

So Why Do Women Stay In Such an Abusive Relationship?

For many reasons; they depend economically on these men; they are afraid that if they try to leave, they would place themselves and their children in greater physical danger; some women lack job skills, and might not be able to get a job to support themselves; fear of the unknown; not finding a place to live; isolation: family members fearful of being targeted by the abuser don’t want to get involved; not wanting to leave friends and family behind, as well as not wanting the kids to leave their school;. fear of her abuser calling where she works and making problems; fear of losing custody of the children depending on her partner’s remarks; fear of emotional damage to the children; and so on and so forth.

Does Violence Discriminate?

Violence is non-discriminatory. It not only existed during the 19th century among the impoverished, uneducated, immigrants packed in tenements reeking with filth, pestilential odors and suffocating heat, but still and will continue to exist in Modern America. It commonly happens within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, religions, gay/lesbian/transvestite relationships, intimate partners and financial levels. You will find that among the perpetrators of these acts of violence there are intelligent and ambitious individuals, college graduates, entrepreneurs, high ranking officials as well as prominent suburbanites.

We then ask ourselves; So what causes such violent behavior in society?

Public opinion suggests that it may be attributed to poverty, racism, unemployment, substance abuse, abusive parenting practices, and frequent exposure to violence through the media.

To be continued: Domestic Violence: (4)

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