Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do All Good Things Eventually Come To An End? (1)

By Miriam Medina

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Not necessarily! Although this is a "doomsday" common expression that is utilized frequently by most people when they lose something that was once important to them, whether it be material possesions, careers, or other pertinent matters etc. It is also often used by individuals that have gone through a period of physical and emotional abandonment from their partners during a relationship.


The word Abandon is defined as " leave completely and finally: forsake utterly: desert, to give up, discontinue, withdraw from..."

In all relationships, whether it be friendship, marriage or between lovers, there always seems to exist a sub-conscience fear of the possibility of being abandoned. Not only being physically abandoned but emotionally abandoned also. What is emotional abandonment? It is the withdrawal of feelings and emotional support. Many times relationships fail because one partner is uncommunicative in expressing his or her emotional needs, becomes bored with the relationship and stops listening, feels awkward because he or she doesn't know what to say or how to meet that partner's expectations, or is often so self-absorbed that he or she becomes oblivious to his partner's wants and needs because it doesn't concern him or her and will emotionally withdraw from the relationship, thus increasing the insecurities of the other person. The world revolves only around him, his needs, his wants, and the only time, he becomes affected is if that world is shaken up in some way. This eventually will lead to building an invisible wall between the two partners making it impossible to share an intimate close relationship. The longer this emotional abandonment lasts, the more devastating will be the effects chipping away at the individuals feelings of self-worth..

To be continued: (2)

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Deidre Glendon said...

Hi Mimi,

Your comments are so true and enlightening. I too have written about abandonment from a personal viewpoint. I'll come back to your site often.