Sunday, October 4, 2009


Table of Contents (2)
A. ) Getting To Know Mimi (B.) N.Y.C. History (C.) East Harlem(D.) Spanish Harlem (E.) Black Harlem (F.) New York State (G.) Urban/Suburban Living Issues.

Table of Contents (3)

(H.) Chit-Chat Over Coffee Swirls
(I.) Jewish Knowledge (J.) Self-Improvement (K.) Historical Facts On England & United States
(L.) Miscellaneous (M.) Timetables (N.) Ethnic Groups (O.) Legal Talk(P.) Entertainment: Backward Glances (Q.) Immigration

(R.) Women__Bio Sketches, Feminine Fancies, Recipes, Kitchen Talk.(S.) Worship
(T.) A Little Taste of History, (U.) U.S. History-Transportation, (V) U.S. History-Panics, Economic Depressions
(W) El Rincón En Español (The Spanish Corner: )This section is dedicated to articles of historical facts, poetry, self-improvement, human interest stories etc. written in Spanish.
(X) So Mr. President, What Did You Do During Your Term in Office....? (The Series)
(Y) Brusciano, Italy News/Events
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Anonymous said...

your dead end, Italian harlem is great!!Born in east harlem and raised in pelham bay, the bronx, i was surrounded by my fair share of rubbernoses, fingers and stiffs. For sure, it is a time gone by. Your great writing brings it all back! More, more!!