Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Blogger's Clutter

Hello ......It's 5:30 a.m, my usual wake-up time. I didn't sleep too well last night...I guess I was thinking too much of what I was supposed to write about today. or maybe It was something I ate. Anyway, just brewed a fresh pot of coffee. My faithful notepad and pen lie nearby, with a book I would be researching, so I may jot down my notes and thoughts, while I sip my coffee. Holy cow, this is strong....I must have slipped in an extra spoonful. This will really make me grow hair on my chest. Even though I know the coffee will give me heartburn, I need that stimulant, so I can move on to my next activity for the day. Grateful for my anti-acid medication, I'll deal with the heartburn. I really shouldn't complain, one must be grateful for the small things in life....heartburn and all.

Okey, now, my ritual of vitamins and medication is over, which seems to increase everytime I go for my routine check-up at the doctors. I think I would feel incomplete, if I didn't have once a prescription or blood work paper in my hand each time I left the doctor's office.

I am wide awake now and ready to work a few hours on or my five page essays, Spanish translation or now my Italian translations. I'm wondering where my keyboard is. I'm sure it was here on my desk before I went to bed. Ahhh! There it is, buried under the pile of paperwork. Now if I could just find my earphones so I can listen to my classical music. Oops, its on the floor. So glad I didn't step on them. I am surrounded by a literary blanket of books, all within reach, which seems to keep minimizing my work space. apartment is starting to look like a library. So grateful for my post-ems and notes, they are all over the desk and tray table, reminding me of what to do or where I left off. When my son comes home he always makes his remark about my clutter " Hey mom, when are you going to organize this mess?" I would respond "It IS organized, and don't touch anything, I know exactly where everything is..." Someday, I promise myself that I will get to it.. a familiar ring? Its amazing how in so much clutter, one can be organized. Right? What do you say about this?.

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