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Cook 's Recipes: A Backward Glance (1)

Topic: Okra with Rice, Fried Eggplant and Kidney Soup 1912

Making Kidney Soup

Bring two quarts of stock or water to the boil, add two stalks of celery, two onions, one carrot, and one turnip cut into small pieces, add one blade of mace and cook very slowly for two and a half hours, when it must be strained. Wash and dry a fresh ox kidney. Remove all the fat from the middle and cut up the kidney into half-inch pieces. Put one heaping tablespoonful of butter into a saucepan: when brown fry the kidney in it. Stir in one tablespoonful of flour and mix well, add one teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of mustard, half a teaspoonful of pepper and one teaspoonful of sugar. Now add three cupfuls of water, stir over the fire till they boil. Cook very slowly for two hours, stirring frequently. Return the strained stock to the pot and add the kidney to it. Moisten two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch with three tablespoonfuls of cold water, pour it into the soup, stirring till it boils. When the soup is ready, if not brown enough, add a few drops of kitchen bouquet.

Fried Eggplant

Peel a good-sized eggplant: cut it into slices of a quarter of an inch. Dust with salt and pepper: dip in beaten egg: roll in bread crumbs and saute in very hot fat. When they are brown on one side, turn and brown on the other. Dry on brown paper. Eggplant may be fried in deep fat, providing the slices are cut thin, then into halves, and well covered with egg and bread crumbs.

Okra with Rice

Wash and cut one quart of okra into thin slices, peel five tomatoes and cut into halves, or use one can of tomatoes. Put the tomatoes with the okra into a saucepan, add two cupfuls of boiling water, one level teaspoonful of salt, seasoning of pepper, and one sliced onion; cover the saucepan and simmer very gently for one hour. Wash and boil one cupful of rice, then drain and dry it well. When ready to serve, arrange the rice in a pyramid on a hot platter, pour round the okra.

Credit: New York Times May 19, 1912

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