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Historical Facts on England & United States (2)

Topic: The years 1619-1625

1619: (N. America) First Negro Slaves in North America arrive in Virginia.

1619: (England) William Harvey announces at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, his discovery of the circulation of the blood.

1619: (N. America) First representative colonial assembly in America held at Jamestown, Va., under Governor Sir George Yeardley.

1620: (England) Pilgrim Fathers, leaving Plymouth, England, in "Mayflower" for N. America, and at New Plymouth, Mass., to found Plymouth Colony; Miles Standish is their most experienced leader.

1620: (England) Oliver Cromwell denounced because he participates in the "disreputable game of cricket."

1621: (N. America) Sir Francis Wyatt arrives as new governor in Virginia with new regulations for the colony (council of state, elected assembly).

1621: (N. America) Dutch West India Company chartered: later acquired N.American coast from Chesapeake Bay to Newfoundland.

1622: (N. America) Sir Ferdinando Gorges (1566-1647), Eng. naval commander, and John Mason (1586-1637) obtain grant of lands in Maine, N. America.

1622: (N. America) William Bradford (1589-1657) governor of Plymouth Colony thirty years.

1622: (England) James I dissolves English Parliament.

1622. (England) Weekeley Newes issued in London for first time on May 23.

1623: (England) Patents law in England, to protect inventors.

1623: (N. America) First Eng. settlement in New Hampshire, by David Thomas at Little Harbor, near Rye.

1624: (England) England declares war on Spain.

1624: (England) James I's last Parliament; monopolies declared illegal.

1624: (England) Lionel Cranfield, Lord Treasurer of England, impeached for bribery and neglect of duty, is suspended from office.

1624: (N. America) Virginia becomes crown colony; Virginia Company dissolved; Sir Francis Wyatt made governor again.

1624: (N.America) Dutch settle in New Amsterdam.

1625: (England) James I of England (James VI of Scotland) d.; succeeded by Charles I of England and Scotland (-1649).

1625: (England) First Parliament of Charles I meets; adjourned to Oxford, because of plague in London.

1625. (England) Colonial Office established in London.

1625. (England) First fire engines in England. Hackney coaches appear in streets of London. Tobacco tax and tobacco monopoly in England. (34)

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