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Cook's Recipes: A Backward Glance (2)

Topic: Creamed Chicken with Oysters, Chow-Chow and Chocolate Caramels 1897

Creamed Chicken With Oysters

Remove the meat from cold roasted chicken: cut it into one inch pieces: crack the bones and put them in a saucepan over the fire; add the gravy if there is any: barely cover with cold water: as soon as it boils add one onion and a small bouquet, cover and boil one hour: then strain the broth. Put one pint oysters, with their liquor, in a saucepan over the fire: let come to a boil, then instantly remove the oysters with a skimmer and set aside. Melt one large tablespoonful butter, add two tablespoonfuls fine chopped onions, one bay leaf, twelve whole peppers and half teaspoonful salt; stir and cook five minutes without stirring; add one tablespoonful flour; stir and cook two minutes; add one pint of the chicken broth mentioned above and cook five minutes; remove the bay leaf and continue the cooking five minutes; then add one and half pint of the chicken meat; cook five minutes: mix the yolk of two eggs with half cupful cream, add it to the chicken, add the oysters without their broth and one tablespoonful lemon juice; serve on a hot dish and garnish with six pieces of buttered toast. In place of chicken, cold roasted veal may be taken, and iin place of cream milk may be taken, and if there are no bones to make broth of, take boiling water and little beef extract. In place of toast the creamed chicken may be served in patle cases or with crescents of puff paste.


One pint fine cut celery, twenty small cucumbers, one quart small white onions, two large heads of cauliflower, six green peppers and two quarts green tomatoes. Wash and cut the vegetables into small pieces, place them in a vessel and to four quarts of water add half pound of salt. Pour the salted water over the vegetables and let stand over night. Next morning place the vegetables with the brine over the fire and let them come to a boil, then remove and drain the vegetables. Put three quarts vinegar with one pound vinegar over the fire, mix one cupful flour (or four ounces) half pound English mustard, half ounce of tumeric, with one pint of cold vinegar, stir this into the boiling vinegar, cook two minutes, then pour it bottling hot over the vegetables: when cold fill it into pint jars, close and keep in a cool place.

Chocolate Caramels

Half pound un-sweetened chocolate, melted in a pan over slow fire: two and a half pounds sugar, three-quarters pound glucose, one pint rich cream. Put the sugar, half of the cream and the glucose over the fire in a saucepan: stir and cook over slow fire, adding by degrees the remaining cream; cook to a hard ball; all the melted chocolate; again stir and cook to a hard ball: pour into buttered pan. When cold cut into squares; wrap in wax paper.


Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle September 26, 1897 Page: 17


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