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Historical Facts on England & United States (4)

Topic: The years 1632-1635

1632: (N. America) The first of the line to come to the New World was William De Kay, a director of the Dutch East India and the Dutch West India Co, which established the colony of New Amsterdam. After several trips of inspection he settled at Nieuw Amsterdam about 1632 and became the first Fiscal of the colony. (35)

1632: (England) First coffee shop opens in London. (34)

1633: (N. America) On April 16, 1633 the ancestors of the Van Twiller family landed from the ship "De Zoutburg," the first vessel of war that ever entered this harbor of New York City. (35)

1633: (N. America) The REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH was the first organized in New-Amsterdam. This year, 1633, the first church edifice was erected on this island. It was built in what is called Broad-street. It was a small, frail, wooden building. The name of the first dominie is preserved, the Rev. EVERARDUS BOGARDUS. He came over from Holland with the celebrated WOUTER VAN TWILLER. The Dutch and the Huguenot, as well as the Pilgrims, brought the Church, the schoolmaster, and their Bibles with them. They erected a dwelling for the Rev. Mr. Bogardus to reside in. This was the first parsonage built on the island, if not in America. (35)

1634: (N. America) The far eastern portion of the present Borough of the Bronx skirting Long island sound and including Pelham Neck was settled by Anne Hutchinson and her husband, William, English stock, who came from Boston in 1634. Eight years later Throggs neck was settled by John Throckmorton and thirty-five families who came from new England to escape the cruelty of the Puritans. The north of what is now Westchester County was purchased directly from the Indians by Stephanus van Cortlandt, who thus became one of the first patroons of New Amsterdam. These were the chief pioneers of Westchester and their sturdy stock still hold sway in the territory acquired from the Indians. (35)

1634: (England) Covent Garden Market London, opened. (34)

1635: (England) Speed limit on hackney coaches in London: 3 m.p.h. (34)

1635: (England) First inland postal service in Britain between London and Edinburgh. (34)

1635: (N. America) In 1635 the first purchase of Long island land from the Indians was made, and the earliest deed of land to individuals was a patent from Governor Van Twiller to Andries Hedden and Wolphert Garritsen for a tract of land in Amersfort, or Flatlands. The deed bears date of June 6, 1636. (35)

1635: (N. America) In 1635, the governor erected a substantial fort, and in 1643 a house of worship was built in the south-east corner of the fort. In 1644, a city hall or stadt house was erected, which was on the corner of Pearl-street and Coenties Slip. In 1653, a wall of earth and stones was built from Hudson River to East River, designed as a defense against the Indians, immediately north of Wall-street, which from that circumstance received its name. The first public wharf was built in 1658, where Whitehall-street now is. (35)

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