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Feminine Fancies (1)

Topic: Things of Interest to Women #1 (1909)

Soft Hands in Winter

Proper care of the hands in the winter time is necessary to keep them in good condition. If the circulation is at all sluggish, the cold makes the blood settle in the fingers, so that they are abnormally red, or prevents it from reaching them. In which latter event they become hard and dry.

The first step is to prevent the hands from becoming chilled. The hands are not always kept warm by a muff__even when kid gloves are worn. The warmth of the fur and the lack of air on the hands induces perspiration and the kid becomes damp. When the gloves are removed from the hands they become cold, the moisture holding the cold. When put on again, they are chilled and the hands become chapped. Gloves should be thoroughly dry when put o n.

The wrinkled appearance of the hands after dish-washing or scrubbing can be alleviated by dipping them in vinegar. If strong alkall soaps are used in the housework the hands should be treated liberally with cold cream. Mustard water is said to remove all odors noticeable on the hands after dish-washing. Vegetable stains may be removed by holding the hands, partly closed, over a burning sulphur match.Pumace stone or lemon juice will remove the average stain. A teaspoonful of glycerine to every pint of water used in washing is beneficial.

Dress Hints

Among the latest wrinkles in fashion's realm may be found: Boots of suede to match the gown. Black patent leather slippers with pink, blue, lilac or white suede, a quarter of an inch deep outlining the top.

Automobile veils, dull grays, browns and yellows of chiffon cloth, with two inch borders, the latter spangled with gold or silver pallettes. Net veils, white mesh with black spots, gathered under the chin into black satin ruche, which holds it about the throat. Cloth of gold strips, embroidered in Persian colors, for trimmings. Neck chains, ropes of pearl, jade, coral and turquoise beads in graduated sizes, finished with loop tassels of tiny beads. Embroidered robes, panelled effects, finished with fringe. Handbags, tooled and embossed leather, with Egyptian colorings and designs, made into long, narrow bags on gold frames.

Source: The Morning Examiner (Ogden, Utah) January 10, 1909


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