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Historical Facts on England & United States (3)

Topic: The years 1626-1630

1626 (N. America) Peter Minuit buys Manhattan Island from chiefs of the Canarsie tribe for 60 guilders ($24) worth of gadgets and trinkets. Dutch settlers called their settlement New Amsterdam. (35)

1626 (N. America) New Amsterdam: Under Minuet in 1626, the Provincial Government was organized. It was liberal and republican. No one was ostracized in consequence of his religious belief. Hither came the persecuted of all crimes. The Quakers fled from Massachusetts and Puritan bigotry to find a happy home among the Dutch. The liberal spirit manifested and the wise rules and regulations adopted by the early settlers for the government of the New Netherlands were the germ from which the immortal Jefferson caught his idea and received the inspiration to draw up and present to a waiting people the grandest document ever penned y human hand, the glorious Declaration of Independence. (35)

1628 (N. America) New Amsterdam: The first minister arrived, Jonas Michaelius from Dieppe. Pierre Minnet arrived three years before, also a Huguenot from Wesel, in the Duchy of Cleves, on the Rhine. The two men coming from the same general background, exercised fine teamwork. A trading post was now to become an agricultural settlement. Manhattan island was purchased from the Indians for 24 dollars. Church services were held in a horse mill on Williams Street near Pearl. The millstones are still in the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, the mother church of old New York. Michaelius preached long sermons in Dutch, as difficult to digest as Krol's crullers. The first erected church building was at 39 Pearl Street, built of lumber, it was a barn-like structure. (35)

1629 (N.America) New Amsterdam: The first governor of this colony was Wouter Van Twiller, who entered on the duties of his office in June, 1629, and continued in office nine years. (35)

1629 (N.America) Colony of Massachusetts founded. (34)

1629 (England) Charles I dissolves Parliament (Mar.); it does not meet again till Apr. 1640. (34)

1629 (England) Royal charter granted to Guild of Spectacle Makers, London. (34)

1630 (England) John Winthrop. Eng. Puritan leader (1587-1649), sails with Plymouth Company's expedition (Apr.) arrives in Massachusetts with 1,000 settlers; founds Boston (Sept.) becomes first governor of the state: 16,000 more settlers follow (-1642). (34)

1630 (N.America) Staten Island was the favorite spot of the primitive Dutch settlers. It was first bought from the Indians for Micheal Pauw, a deed on record dated August 10, 1630. (35)

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