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Cook's Recipes: A Backward Glance (3)

Topic: Lobster Newburg, Boiled Huckleberry Pudding and Neapolitan Salad (1898)

Lobster Newburg

Plunge a two pound live lobster in a kettle of boiling water, add one tablespoonful salt, boil thirty-five minutes, remove and when cold extract all the meat from the shell, being careful to remove the vein from the tail and the lady from the head, cut the meat into inch sized pieces, place a saucepan with one ounce butter over the fire, add the lobster meat, season with half teaspoonful salt, a pinch of red pepper, two tablespoonfuls fine sliced truffles, stir gently and cook three minutes, then add four tablespoonfuls Madeira or sherry wine, cook six minutes, mix the yolks of two eggs with half cupful cream and add to the lobster, stirring a few minutes, not letting it boil again. Then serve.

Boiled Huckleberry Pudding

Sift two cups flour with one and a half teaspoonfuls baking powder, chop fine four ounces suet, mix suet and flour together, add half teaspoonful salt; add two tablespoonfuls sugar, mix two eggs with one cup milk, add it to the flour and mix all into a batter; dust two cups huckleberries with flour, add them to the batter, mix, and butter a pudding form: dust with bread crumbs, put in the pudding mixture, cover and boil two hours: serve with hard sauce or lemon sauce.

Neapolitan Salad

Put the yolks of two eggs in a bowl, add half teaspoonful salt, stir until the yolks thicken, then add slowly, drop by drop, three-quarters of a cup of salad oil, while stirring continually: as it thickens add a little vinegar, one teaspoonful in all; then add one tablespoonful very finely chopped white onion, one tablespoonful fine chopped capers, one tablespoonful tarragon vinegar, half teaspoonful English mustard, one-quarter teaspoonful white pepper and last one cupful whipped cream. Put half pint fine cut pickled beets in a salad bowl, cover them with the sauce, then put in half pint fine cut cold boiled potatoes; cover them also with the sauce; next add two fine cut hard boiled eggs and half cupful fine cut pickles; pour over some sauce; add half pint fine shredded cabbage; pour over the remaining sauce and garnish wish a border of finely shredded cabbage, hard boiled eggs, a little fine chopped pickles, beets and a few capers.

Gesine Lemoke

Source: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle March 13, 1898 Page: 20


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