Thursday, August 13, 2009

Italian Harlem's Police Report #7

Topic: An Italian Stabbing Match 1885

An Italian gathering at the residence of two brothers named Carmine and Louis Falconi, No. 420 East One Hundred and Thirteenth street, on Monday night, terminated in a stabbing affray which is likely to prove fatal to Carmine Falconi. Women as well as men were present, and the fight was caused by one of the women, who claimed that she had been insulted. The wounded man was taken to the Ninety-ninth street Hospital, where he was found to have been stabbed in the neck, abdomen, and right side, the latter wound penetrating his lung. He said that Benedict Retino and Michael Quarno, both residents of No. 433 East One Hundred and Twelfth-street, did the cutting, and they were captured by Policeman Eagan, of the Twelfth Precinct, with the assistance of two other officers. Retino is cut in the thigh, and he said that Louis Falconi stabbed him. Louis was also caught and was held to answer yesterday in the Harlem Court. The other two prisoners were held to await the result of Carmine Falconi's injuries.

source: The New York Times January 28, 1885

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