Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chit-Chat Over Coffee Swirls (32)

Topic: The Advantage of Being Fat

The other day during my research I came by this little tid-bit of an article written in "The New York Times" dated June 5, 1892 Page: 15 which I found to be humorous, so I thought I would share it with you. For those of us on the pleasantly plump side, you'll probably chuckle at this one. I know I did.

A Funny scene on the Elevated Station at the City Hall

"On one of the recent hot, soggy afternoons, when every man hated his neighbor and tried to keep at a distance from him, a perspiring, heavily-clothed fat man waddled into an elevated train at the City Hall Station and pre-empted one of the cross seats. He breathed like a porpoise and mopped his face with a large handkerchief.

Just before the train started, a woman, heavy almost beyond description with adipose tissue, entered the same car. The car creaked beneath her tread. The passengers were many, and those who adjoined empty seats watched her progress with a nervous glance. But, with as great a degree of blindness of choice as is sometimes said to prevail in marriage, she plunged to the centre of the car and pressed herself down into the space beside the fat man.

The fat man looked at her a moment, but she seemed oblivious of his regard. Then he braced himself for a move and got out of his seat. Then the fat woman became aware of his presence.

"Don't move__plenty of room," said she.

"Madam," said he, and his voice was high and clear, "it's a hot day. I am fat. You are fat. We've got no business to be anywhere near each other, so you'll excuse me." And he moved away with an imitation of dignity, while the passengers laughed at his forcible English.

But the fat woman, nettled at first, thought better of it, and as she spread herself over the entire seat murmured to a crowded neighbor:

"There's some advantage in being fat, after all."
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