Thursday, February 19, 2009

Historical Facts on England & United States (G)

Topic: England (only) 1592-1605

1592: Plague kills 15,000 people in London.

1595: English army finally abandons bow as weapon of war.

1596: Tomatoes introduced in England.

1597: Eng. Act of Parliament prescribes sentences of transportation to colonies for convicted criminals.

1597: English merchants expelled from Holy Roman Empire in retaliation for treatment of the Hanseatic League in London.

1601: Abolition of monopolies in England.

1603: Queen Elizabeth I of England d. (b. 1533); succeeded by her cousin James VI of Scotland as James I of England and Ireland (-1625).

1603: James I arrives in London.

1603: Coronation of James I

1603: Heavy outbreak of plague in England.

1605: Guy Fawkes arrested in cellars of Parliament, accused of trying to blow up House of Lords during James I's state opening of Parliament; The Gunpowder Plot.

1605: Barbados, West Indies, claimed as English colony.

1605: English government farms all customs revenue to a London consortium of merchants for an annual rent (-1671).

1605: Incorporation of Butchers' and Shipwrights' Companies in London. (34)

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