Thursday, February 19, 2009

Historical Facts on England & United States (F)

Topic: England (only) 1580-1589

1580: Francis Drake returns to England from voyage of circumnavigation.

1580: Earthquake in London.

1580: New buildings banned in London to restrict growth of city.

1581: Edmund Campion, English Jesuit, tried for treason and executed.

1581: Sedan chairs in general use in England.

1582: Royal Navy gets graduated pay according to rank.

1582: London's first waterworks founded; water wheels installed on London Bridge.

1583: First known life insurance in England, on life of William Gibbons.

1584: Sir Walter Raleigh discovers and annexes Virginia.

1586: Thomas Cavendish leaves Plymouth on voyage of circumnavigation (returns

1586: Corn severely short in England.

1587: Pope Sixtus V proclaims Catholic crusade for invasion of England.

1587: John Winthrop b. (d. 1649), first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony.

1589: House of Commons first appoints a Standing Committee for Privileges.

1589: The Reverend William Lee (Cambridge) invents the stocking frame, first knitting machine.

1589: Sir Francis Drake, with 150 ships and 18,000 men, fails to take Lisbon. (34)

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