Thursday, February 19, 2009

Historical Facts on England & United States (B)

Topic: England (Only) 1539-1549

1539: Marriage treaty signed at Hampton Court for Henry VIII to marry Anne of Cleves, his fourth wife.

1540: Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves; marriage annulled by the convocation of Canterbury and York; Henry marries Catherine Howard, his fifth wife.

1540: Thomas Cromwell executed; Lord Treasurer Norfolk, uncle of Catherine Howard becomes his successor.

1541: Queen Catherine Howard sent to the Tower on suspicion of immortal conduct; her alleged paramours. Thomas Culpepper and Dereham, executed.

1542: Queen Catherine Howard executed. Lord John Russell made Lord Privy Seal.

1543: Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr, his sixth queen, who survives him.

1544: St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London refounded.

1546: English Navy Board founded.

1547: Henry VIII of England (b. 1491); succeeded by his and Jane Seymour's son Edward VI (1537-1553)

1547: Poor rate levied in London.

1548: Sir Thomas Gresham founds seven professorships in London (University of London not founded until (1828).

1548: Guinea pepper plant is grown in England.

1549: Only the new Book of Prayer may be used in England (from May 20). (34)

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