Thursday, February 19, 2009

Historical Facts on England & United States (D)

Topic: England (only) 1560-1569

1560: Beginnings of Puritanism in England (-1660).

1560: Westminster School, London, founded.

1561: St. Paul's Cathedral, London, badly damaged by fire.

1561: Merchant Taylors' School, London, founded.

1562: Queen Elizabeth 1 dangerously ill from smallpox.

1562: English Articles of Religion of 1552 reduced to the Thirty-Nine Articles.

1563: English Parliament passes acts for relief of the poor and for regulating apprentices (repealed 1814)

1563: General outbreak of plague in Europe kills over 20,000 people in London.

1564: Peace of Troyes ends war between England and France. Robert, Lord Dudley, made Earl of Leicester.

1564: English Merchant Adventurers company granted new royal charter.

1564: Horse-drawn coach introduced in England from Holland.

1565: Royal College of Physicians, London, empowered to carry out human dissections.

1565: Sir Thomas Gresham founds the Royal Exchange, London.

1565: Pencils manufactured in England.

1565: Sir John Hawkins introduces sweet potatoes and tobacco into England.

1568: Mary, Queen of Scots, defeated at Langside by Moray; takes refuge in England.

1568: The Company of London Bricklayers and Tylers incorporated.

1569: Rebellion in northern England; sacking of Durham Cathedral.

1569: Public lottery held in London to finance repairs to the port. (34)

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