Thursday, February 19, 2009

Historical Facts on England & United States (H)

Topic: England (only) 1606-1611

1606: Guy Fawkes and fellow conspirators sentenced to death.

1606: King James I's proclamation for a national flag.

1606: Virginia Company of London, granted royal charter, sends 120 colonists to Virginia.

1606: Founding of Society of Apothecaries and GRocers, and of Fruiterers' Company, in London.

1607: Union of England and Scotland rejected by Eng. Parliament.

1607: Founding of Jamestown, Va., first English settlement on American mainland.

1608: Royal Blackheath Golf Club, London, founded; still in existence.

1610: Thomas West made governor of Virginia.

1610: Skirmishes between England Dutch settlers in India.

1610: The Stationers' Company begins to send a copy of every book printed in England to Bodleian Library, Oxford.

1611: Dissolution of Parliament by James I

1611: Arabella Stuart escapes from Tower of London; is recaptured. (34)

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