Monday, October 22, 2007

Violence Across America: A Nation's Crisis

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"Her cries for mercy were answered by fearful threats and curses by him, while her shrieks and appeals for help were unanswered. Mrs. Moran was dead, from the brutal treatment received at the hands of her husband." Tragically, this has become a common feature of our nation.

"Help! Please..... Will Somebody Help Me?" Violence across America is my narration. I am the author of this three part essay.

The Victims

Her loud shrieking anguished cry and plea for help fades away to a barely audible whisper, as the battered victim of domestic violence, rape, or brutal assault desperately struggles against her attacker, clinging to her life. Oftentimes, horribly beaten and bleeding from gashes on her neck, face and head, she lies there almost senseless, as nearby doors and windows remain closed and passersby not wishing to interfere, scurry away in fear for their own lives. For those that are fortunate enough to live through their horrifying near death experience of broken bones and faces......(for more click here).

Goodbye for now……….until the next time………when “Mimi Speaks.”


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