Monday, October 22, 2007

"Taking it to the Streets, New York City`s Early Riots"

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Although its reach is large, focuses a particularly long lens on the early history of political and economic events,panics, riots and other related matters affecting or contributing to New York City's development and growth.

Rioting, a disrupting unpleasant feature of urban life, resulting in serious bodily injury, loss of life as well as destruction of property,costing the city millions of dollars...

As I mentioned before New Yorkers are known for telling it as it is. When they are not in agreement with something, they act upon it.

During the 18th and 19th century, scarcely a week would pass that the streets of New York City were not disturbed by some sort of riot, protest or blood shed which resulted from the aroused fearful element of racial and religious hatred. Others resorted to rebellion and civil disobediences, airing their grievances in confrontations with authorities, when they felt abused by the government, for reason of taxes or their struggle for individual rights. These rioters would take their political or protest actions to an unusual level of violence intensifying into greater waves of violence.

The Negro Riot-1712, The New York Conspiracy-1741, The Stamp Act Riot-1765, The Doctor's Riot -1788, The Irish and Know Nothing's Riot -1854,The Astor Place Riot -1859, The Draft Riot -1863, The Kosher Riot in Brownsville -1902, Violent Demonstrations at Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral -1902, The Brooklyn Riot -1910, The Harlem Riot - 1943 and the Stonewall Police Riot: Gay Rights 1969, all find their way to

The United States is the most ethnically diverse country in the world. It is a nation of immigrants widely attracted from many nations, cultures and religious backgrounds, all hoping to find freedom, and a better way of life.Though once referred to as the great "melting pot", in today's term we have become a "Multi-cultural society."

Our understanding of why such public actions develop and unfold has changed over the years, yet we must agree that as long as there are differences of religion, culture, political views, race, civil rights threatened etc., the possibility of riots and public protests will continue to be a co-existent feature of urban life.

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