Friday, October 26, 2007

About Self-Direction

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Self-Direction is sometimes referred to as Self-determination, which is the principle of free will: decision by one's self.

In the area of creativity, we have been given the privilege of making choices as well as the authority to direct our own thoughts and express our ideas. If we are not satisfied with the world that we have created for ourselves, we have been given the privilege of creating a new mold from which to start a new chain of events that is more to our liking. There are many people that are always in a" woe is me" sad sack attitude, a "pawn in the hand of fate." Some of these individuals are discouraged easily, especially in the complexity and competence of today's workplace, making new literacies and new skills imperative.

Negative people set up laws in life by their negative way of thinking and then find themselves railing at life, because they live by them. I tend to agree with Emmet Fox, "As long as you go on thinking wrongly about yourself and about life the same sort of difficulties will continue to harass you." When one changes the belief about one's self, then the outward experiences will be changed also. We do not need to imitate another person's success, in order to feel fulfilled or accomplished in life. We all have the wisdom and ability on which to rely, to produce the same and even better. There are so many hidden talents within each of us, that can be uncovered and developed today. Each one of us is unique, expressing ourselves in our own particular way. The best way to begin , is to create a new plan of Self-direction by analyzing your negative thoughts and trying to find a way of turning them into a positive approach to life. Dismantling old negative thoughts, is a very frustrating and difficult project, but it can be done......Stop selling yourself I mentioned before, wanting to do something and not take action on it is self-defeating.....It becomes mere daydreaming.......

So don't be a daydreamer, but be a doer and let the results instead speak for themselves. I leave you these thoughts.....................

Goodbye for now............until the next time.........when "Mimi Speaks."

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