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Brusciano, Italy News/Events: English (7)

Sociologist and Journalist, Head of Press Office in Brusciano, Italy

"Work has begun in the restructuring of the municipal sports field and construction of the roundabout in Via De Ruggiero."

After the commencement of the work of the restyling of XI Settembre Plaza, approval for the launching of two more yards was given by the Town council led by the Mayor of Brusciano Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, and in the Department of Public Works, by engineer Angelo Maione. The first location mentioned is the Municipal Sports Field, whose work involves a total costs of approximately 400,000 Euros. The intervention, in respect of all that prescribed by CONI, regards the completion of the fencing, the adjustment in the changing rooms, maintenance of the stand, the removal of architectural barriers, toilets for spectators, exterior parking and security during the various sporting events.

The second site opened in recent days with the construction of a roundabout in Via Guido De Ruggiero, located at the service road between the junction of Strada San Sebastiano Martire and Matilde Serao. This project had a total expenditure of approximately 81,000 Euros, which was paid from the funds of the municipal budget.

The Mayor, Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, said that "the renovated sports centre in Via De Ruggiero will be the starting point to build the city of sport. While work on the roundabout of Via De Ruggiero will improve the traffic flow, we are also creating a functional grassy area for children and adult's quiet enjoyment during their leisure time. After so many governmental and legal ordeals, this public space is back. Finally, the Bruscianesi have succeeded in getting what they have been waiting for a long time.

The Councilor for Sports and Entertainment, Architect Francesco Maione, has declared: "We wish as soon as possible to give back to the Citizen and the Associations this important sporting and social center, the renewed Town stadium, destined to increase in general practice of the sport and not only that of football."

The Councilor of Public Works, Engineer Angelo Maione, underlines that "the peculiarity of the Sports Field of Brusciano is that it offers a layer of synthetic grass of the latest generation and allows competitions and training in full safety and comfortable play. It not only serves the basin of use of the local teams of sports clubs it also draws athletes from various parts of the Campania region. This in turn, will create twinnings and joint actions of spreading the sport."

In a few days, the Public Works Sector will be available to other sites that will lead to an overall improvement of the urban environment and an increase in the quality of Brusciano's city life.
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The date of this press release was : September 25, 2009

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