Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are You Living A Life That Is Worth Living? Part II (b)

By Miriam B. Medina

Taking That Step

Life gives back to us exactly what we believe we can achieve. Moreover, what we are able to accept for ourselves in our own thoughts, as well. No more no less. Remaining in a negative frame of mind will keep you in a powerless state, unable to achieve anything, especially in the area of assuming and maintaining a positive attitude. Every wrong impression that we consider in our minds that are fueled by fear will mirror similar happenings in our life. In order to protect ourselves from the increasing impact of erroneous emotional reactions, we must acquire the ability to manage our feelings. The constant complaining about adverse conditions which we bring, upon ourselves through fear will continue to bring negative outcomes. Having a positive approach to life does not happen overnight, it is a step by step, day by day, continual process that brings about great achievements. It means having a mind-training regimented program in which we replace negative, destructive thoughts with a constructive way of thinking. You don't have to force it or push it, just walk at your own pace, and you will see the difference.

Remaining positive dispels fear and worry. Negative and positive thinking cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You know this is impossible, because one or the other must prevail. Take for example, a snowball. It is small it fits into the palm of your hand. If this snowball rolls down a snow-covered hill, it will collect more and more snow until it develops into an avalanche. That is how fear is. The more we cultivate fear, this fear will evolve into other fears. This will result in destroying our health, producing nervous tension as well as digestive problems, and most of all, it will interfere with finding a feasible solution to the problem at hand.

2. The Stumbling Block of Indecision

This is a critical factor that would hinder any one from living a life that is worth living. For some people making changes may seem easy, while for others, it is extremely difficult. All our wishes and desires can become a reality if we keep them forever before us, without putting obstacles in our way with excuses, of "ifs" and "buts". Indecision creates an unstable condition in a person's mind and body, if people are always asking themselves: "I'm not sure if I should or I shouldn't do this, etc?" On the other hand, saying "this is terrible I just can't make up my mind," they will never get pass first base.

As long as these people are undecided, they are weak and won't be able to move in any direction with full assurance, unless they are guaranteed that the initiative they will take is safe and secure. In the meantime, they are letting tremendous opportunities slip by. If and when these individuals do make a choice, they indulge in fear as to whether or not it was the right decision. No matter what they decide, they will always find a reason as to why that decision was erroneous, subjecting themselves to unnecessary physical and psychological pressure, bemoaning what might have been.

Taking That Step

People who possess a positive mental attitude trust whatever decisions they make, weighing all the pros and cons related to it, considering the consequences and deciding which will result in a better return for them. These individuals of a positive mental attitude are not hindered by self-imposed limitations or fear. They are flexible and have self-direction. Once they make up their mind, they don't fluctuate but take the plunge by moving forward developing their talents to the fullest. The challenge of starting again has forced many individuals to make decisions to the purpose of uprooting their families, leaving behind what is familiar and convenient to them. Because they felt it was the right decision, they were willing to make the sacrifice in search of something entirely new and unknown because they knew that the end-results would be worth it.
In part three of this series, we will examine the final stumbling block that can be turned into a stepping stone that you can use to build a life worth living.

To be continued: Part III (a)

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