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Brusciano, Italy News/Events: English (14)

Sociologist and Journalist, Head of Press Office in Brusciano, Italy

In Brusciano Sister Maria Crocifissa of the Institute "Vittime Espiatirici S.M.C. Brando" celebrates 102 years. Greetings from the mayor and the municipal administration.

Maria Ruggeri was born in San Lorenzello in the province of Benevento on October 4, 1907 and from 1935 it is to Brusciano as "Sister Maria Crocifissa delle Vittime Espiatrici", near the historical Institute entitled to the founder of the order "Sister Maria Cristina Brando."

During a visit today, the kind hospitality and warm welcome of the Mother Director, Sister Rosetta Nespoli and sisters of the "Centro Educative di Viale Europa" to Brusciano "S.M.C. Brando," the delegation of the Municipal Administration headed by Mayor Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, brought greetings and a bunch of flowers for the special celebration. The Municipal Council, acting on behalf of Social Policies, Nicola Di Maio and Antonio Castaldo head of the Press and Communication of the City of Brusciano greeted Sister Maria Crocifissa who had just turned 102 years extending best wishes on behalf of the Mayor A. Antonio Romano, President of the City Council, Antonio Di Palma, of Councilors and city employees and the entire community of Brusciano.

The venerable Sister Maria Crocifissa every morning after prayers, would devote herself to the "art of the crochet hook" and making use of the opportunity of the floral tribute she recalled some stages of her long path of religious life. It dates back to 1927, her retirement from the Institute of Casa Madre a Casoria and then in 1935 she came to Brusciano with the title of teacher which she acquired at the Scuola Magistrale di Marcianise , retaining always her love for the "art of the crochet hook."

In the decades Sister Mary, Mother Vicar of the "Brando Institute" has followed the art of teaching Christian values which has inspired generations of Bruscianesi, men and women now engaged in study, work, professions, politics and the Church. Of those who have dedicated their whole lives to the Lord as pastors of souls, remember, Archbishop Francesco Saverio Toppi (1925-2007) O.F.M., Bishop of Pompeii, Mons Luigi Travaglino, Nunzio Apostolico, the Vatican today, Don Antonio Vaia, of the church S. Maria delle Grazie to Brusciano, died at a young age, Don Angelo Losco, rector of the Church of San Sossio a Somma Vesuviana, promotor of projects of national solidarity and non-national.

On the same morning the Municipal Council Nicola Di Maio and the Journalist Antonio Castaldo also gave their best wishes for the Superiora Generale Suor Gemma Imperatore, of the Casa Madre di Casoria, and for the director of the Center of Brusciano, Sister Rose Nespoli, and to the sisters of the religious Congregation, founded by Sister Maria Cristina Brando, that "for 2009 they are going to Brusciano for the 92nd year, without interruption of educational activities and works of christian charity with the "l'Instituto Vittime Espiatrici." To the Mayor, Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano gratitude was expressed by Sister Rosetta Nespoli director of the "S.M.C. Brando Center."

Date of this Press Release was: October 7, 2009

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Translated by Miriam Medina

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