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Brusciano, Italy News/Events: English (16)

Sociologist and Journalist, Head of Press Office in Brusciano, Italy

"Mayor Angelo Antonio Romano visiting the historical school "Dante Alighieri"

The Elementary School of Brusciano "Dante Alighieri" overlooking Piazza XI Settembre, Learning Circle with Professor Luigi Gesuele manager for the new school year, received a visit from the mayor Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano. Last Friday, for the traditional institutional beginning for the new year, the director, teachers, auxiliary staff and the students, the Mayor Romano went along with the Municipal Council, Delegate for Social Policy Nicola di Maio and Antonio Castaldo, head of the Press Office and Communication at the historic educational institution of Brusciano.

The "Dante Alighieri" has about 640 pupils in 30 elementary schools: 6 in First Grade, 6 in second grade ; 5 in Third grade, 7 in Fourth grade and 6 in Fifth grade. The mayor Angelo Antonio Romano, led by director prof. Luigi Gesuele, was pleasantly entertained with the pupils and between the institutional greeting, the cordial call to the scholastic appointment, appreciation for the teachers, took the opportunity to remind everyone that "the nearby Piazza XI Settembre, now being rebuilt, will be more beautiful, more functional and welcoming by the end of the year. The vandal actions we have noted with regret has helped to impoverish and make ugly this important public space. We have confidence- concluded mayor Romano-in the commitment of everyone, adults and children, for a more careful use and if in the case of abuse and vandalism report them in confidence to the service of Urban Supervision." The director prof. Luigi Gesuele stressed that the proximity of Piazza XI Settembre" can accommodate a number of initiatives, among the many that we can accomplish in our beloved school, for the enjoyment of the community, children, families of the Bruscianesi citizens. And this is also helpful to relations and exchanges between schools and territory. So keep it nice and pleasant so that we can enjoy greater satisfaction in our public events." Turning for the classrooms, in educational activities or paused, the lively students interacted nicely with the first citizen, Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, who has pledged to return for a Christmas in which case there will be some nice gifts.

Fifth in class E, the teacher Antoinette Franzoni, next year in retirement, the journalist antonio Castaldo issued this statement. "In 35 years, everyone in this school, I attended classes, taking them from first to fifth, with love and dedication finding an attentive intelligence in the child. Together with the institutional program, with the reading, writing and arithmetic, I have always put emphasis on civic education. While coming from outside the country, I feel a little like Brusciano is also mine and I love her too. Now with the ongoing work on Piazza XI Settembre I'm insisting on the issues of compliance with public spaces and urban environment. To Second E, during the break, celebrating the birthday of Alessia, 7 years, with the loving guidance of the teacher Angela Savastano, an example of human effort and professional, always with the heart over the obstacle. Generations of Bruscianesi remember with pleasure the years of "Dante Alighieri."

Date of this Press Release was: October 12, 2009

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