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Brusciano, Italy News/Events: English (10)

Sociologist and Journalist, Head of Press Office in Brusciano, Italy

"From our land a young artist has participated with success in the festival of pictoral arts "Muralespanso 2009" at Diamante in Calabria."

From the 16th to the 23rd of last September the event "Muralespanso 2009" was held with a broad participation of artists and audience in Diamante, in the province of Cosenza. From this ancient town, where a consistent large summer tourist flow, greets the Tyrrhenian Sea since 1981, the murals of the historical Center, are promoted by the then Mayor Evasio Pascale and the Master Nani Mazzetti. Now in enlarging its demonstration to the whole city with new artistic realities it has also found a place for one young man in our area, Felice Minichino....

From the large group of artisans and artists that gravitate around the creative forge of the "Associazione Giglio della Gioventù di Brusciano has emerged Felice Minichino 19 years old, of Mariglianella, a graduate from the State Art Academy in Naples, with a study on "L'Urlo" by Norwegian Evard Munch (Loten 1863-Ekely 1944).

The young artist, that emerged in Calabria with the mural, "Summary of Experience," came to congratulate the President of the Municipal Council of Brusciano, Antonio Di Palma, and Counselor, Nicola Di Maio, Delegate to Social Politics. Felice Minichino, son of the art, as told to journalist Antonio Castaldo, feels more drawn to sculpture, example of his father Luigi originally from Castello of Cisterna, but it was noted for his figurative mark.

"I was present at the event following my teacher at the "Liceo Statale di Napoli, prof. Gabriele Castaldo, as his assistant-begins Minichino-in the Demonstration Muralespanso 2009 and during the preparatory activities the curator , teacher Gabriele Marino, approached me, who appreciating my creative engagement has invited me to participate directly with one of my original work. Three days time and I managed to create and implement my first pictorial creature on display that now you can see, not far from the police station at Diamante. For this-concludes Felice Minichino- I thank my professor, the curator of the exhibition, the Assessor to the Battista Maulicino Culture, the Mayor and the "Città di Diamante" for the returned welcome."

In the event that aims to revive Diamante as the "City of Murals" where thirty artists in figurative arts and visual poetries attended, including the debut of successful Felice Minichino that the inner province of Naples has brought his "Summary of Experience." Gabriele Marino, of Neapolitan origin and Diamantese by adoption, ex-teacher of artistic Lyceums in "Pictorial Disciplines," that has been also a founder and the responsible person of the "Group Study Proposal 66", in quality of curator and co-ordinator of "Muralespanso" aiming to make Diamante a great gallery of contemporary art in the open.

Date of this Press Release was: 9/30/09

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