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Thoughts of An Italian Writer: Marcello Colasurdo a Dionysus of Agro Pomiglianese (3)

Who Compares With Courage, With the Globalization of the World

Dr. Antonio Castaldo, Sociologist and Journalist, Brusciano, Italy

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Here we are therefore at the civil oration, the commemoration and inevitable commotion. "A' Flobert," written by Sciascià, Salvatore Sciaffuso, of Zezi and of Nacchere Rosse, the wave of emotion felt that terrible day, Friday, April 11, 1975: "Viernarì unnice aprile a Sant’Anastasia nu tratto nu rummore sentiett’e ch’ paura/ je ascevo a faticà manc’a forza ‘e cammenà p’à via addumandà sta botta che sarrà./ A Massaria e’ Rumano ‘na fabbrica è scuppiata e ‘a ggente ca fujeva e ll’ate ca chiagneva:/ Chi jeva e chi turnava p’à paura e ll’ati botte ma arrivato nnanz’ ‘o cancello maronn’e ch’ maciello…”

Twelve workers who died martyred during the production of firecrackers in the Flobert Factory were remembered one year ago in the thirtieth anniversary of the disaster. The experience of the mourning, in that historical moment, then spread throughout the labor movement, and the peasant recognized in the tortured expression, and passionate singing of Sciuscià, which a few years later he would have prematurely left this world leaving behind to inherit his artistic testament of the mournful history of Flobert.

History and memory, past and present, identities and differences, joy and sorrow, nostalgia and openness to future, representation and evidence, men and actors, people and personalities, the agro pomiglianese and Nola, we saw the scene in the "Assoli Hall," the old and renovated cellar of the Nuovo Teatro Nuovo. We have seen represented the problems and the local solutions entwined with the global processes firmly holding the highest point of view: the South of Italy.

We witnessed the strong performance of Marcello Colasurdo singer, actor Douglas Vernon Anglo-Caribbean and of live DJ Marco Messina-99 Posse. The text written by anthropologist Paolo Favero and the staging done by Giuliana Ciancio and Nicola Ciancio; the realization of the production of the OPS Association thanks to the Campania Region's contribution, of the Assessorship in the Cultural and Landscape Properties of the province of Naples, the City of Pomigliano D'Arco, the Arezzowawe Foundation, and with the endorsement of the Municipality of Naples.

Sets and costumes of Daniela Ciancio, light designer Michelangelo Campanale; food maker Monica Caspani, author of scenes Clelio Alfinito, video-graphics and visual recognition of Alessandro Verna, and the technical views of Augusto Ferraiolo.

In 2004 in Sweden at Stockhom near the center Polifunzionale Kulturhuset there was a first indication of what might be, and it has become, this stunning theatrical production that, after the premiere in Naples, it is accessible to fly overseas. In September, it will be in the United States making its debut at the theater "LA MAMA" in New York. For this, we reply to all those who leaves for this artistic mission "Good luck-buona fortuna!".

Good luck and loving memory, to all of us, thinking that today, finishing this article, is the "Day of Remembrance" in respect of the pulling down of the gates of Auschwitz and all the victims of Nazism for the respect of humanity, of every people, of every culture, of every religion.

Brusciano January 27, 2007-Memorial Day- Antonio Castaldo

Translation into English by Miriam Medina: Associate Member of the American Translators Association

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