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Thoughts of An Italian Writer: Marcello Colasurdo a Dionysus of Agro Pomiglianese (2)

Who Compares With Courage, With the Globalization of the World

Dr. Antonio Castaldo, Sociologist and Journalist, Brusciano, Italy


The crisis and the splitting ripened, strangely enough, precisely in the globalized context of the recognition and management of the assets of the collection of texts and popular music, fragment of the international element called world music.

The world of international business left disappointed, bitter and angry, the Gropez E 'Zezi together with their famous leader Angelo De Falco.

In 2000, former-lead singer Peter Gabriel of Genesis and the creator of the Real World Studios, announced the disconcerting news: "There is a band who has recorded in one's studio and whose disk (which should be titled "lost souls") is due for release in September, called Spaccanapoli. They come from Pomigliano D'Arco, and it will be the last great product of the Alfasud... They have a singer who I like very much."

Nonetheless, it is always enjoyable to see them together, Marcello and the Gropez in jam sessions and initiatives of commitment in meeting local communities, associations and committees of popular festivals and musical events to promote awareness and enjoyment of one's historical background and culture.

Now back to the show: from the musical and melodiousness point of view the circumstances of the opening of the "Global Dionysus in Napoli" is that of the pilgrimage to the Madonna di Montevergine in which case the correlation between the abbot, exclusive keeper of the sacred space, safeguards from the pagan invasion of the chant and of the tammurriata suggested by Marcello guardian to his flight of the popular memory.

The initial encounter transforms to share the dancing event thus sacred and profane, which it consolidates in the ancient unity that the popular culture does not want to lose preserving the original forms of a religiousness not institutionalized but without losing the profundity of feeling and sincere upright relationship with the divine proportionality through the intermediary world of saints and Madonna's.

Hence here Marcello exclaims all over again: (“Oh Madonna e tutt’e’ mamme ! Sorè, tenitece fede…”) "Oh Madonna and all mothers! Sisters, have faith” and to follow other fragments of the understood unitary mankind without distinction of color and culture, in recognition of a common affiliation. (“Io so ghianco tu si niro, ma io so cchiù niro e te!”), "I'm white, you are black, but I'm more black than you!", up to the pacifist song that on the rhythms of the ancient ballade it grafts the report of the current precarious state of the world. ("e Bush o’ mericano tene sempe e’ bombe a mano, leva a ‘ pace o’ munno sano!”) "And Bush the American always with the bomb in the hand, removes the peace from the whole world!"

Indeed, a special moment, created in the mass of emotions, sounds, songs, news, drama, English and Neapolitan language, hip-hop music and of tammorre, in the feeble light, in the total silence, in the darkness of the Assoli Hall with seats sold out, and the withholding of breath, awaiting the unclad voice of the singer.

The suffered, participating and involving, vocalism of Marcello nails to the reality in the offertory of sacrifice of the deaths on the job, usually black which feeds yet today the number of white deaths, four per day, as reported in the "Second National Conference on Health and Safety at Work" held in Naples on the 25th and 26th of January.

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