Saturday, October 9, 2010

El Rincón Borinqueña-Cantantes Famosos

Tito Rodriguez

Today I want to share some exciting news with all my Puerto Rican friends. Although I have seen my neighbor from across the street several times over the past years, we never had the opportunity to converse with each other. So as, we both happened to be walking the dogs at the same time, my neighbor stopped to say something to me and we started conversing. During the interchanging of conversation, I mentioned that my mom was from the town of Ponce, which to my surprise I found out that this lovely lady's name is Cindy Rodriguez, who is the daughter of the Famous singer and bandleader Tito Rodriguez. She invited me into her home where she had displayed a gallery of pictures which she pointed out with enormous pride, her father, Tito Rodriguez. As a genealogical and historical researcher, it was if I had taken a step back in time. She looks just like her father and her son, an amazing exactness of his grandfather. I could see it was an emotional, nostalgic moment for her as she showed me one by one the pictures. Here, was a father who was greatly loved and missed by his daughter. Feeling enriched by the visit, I said my goodbyes thanking her for sharing those memories with me. I rushed across the street to my apartment, and immediately turned on my computer to send this blog spreading the news. So my dear friends, in memory of Tito Rodriguez, and with great respect for his daughter Cindy Rodriguez and his son Tito Rodriguez Jr., I would like to have some of his music played via You Tubes.

Tito Rodriguez known as "El Inolvidable" was a popular Puerto Rican singer and bandleader during the 50s and 60s. He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. His brother Johnny Rodriguez was also a bandleader as well as a popular song composer. In 1947, Tito made his "solo" debut . He organized a band called "Los Diablos del Mambo," which he later renamed "Los Lobos del Mambo" . Much later he changed the name to "The Tito Rodriguez orchestra."

Rodriguez's last public appearance was with Machito and his Band on February 2, 1973, where they performed at the Madison Square Garden in New York before he succumbed to his death from leukemia on February 28, 1973.

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