Monday, October 4, 2010

Need A Writer/Editor?

Don Eminizer is a freelance writer with over twenty years of writing,editing and proofreading experience. From 1991 to 1992 he produced and hosted a Mid-Atlantic regional sports entertainment television show and co-hosted a national radio talk show called Wrestling Spotlight. He spent three years at CBS he wrote, edited and proofed everything from ad copy and web content to articles for a monthly magazine called Sidelines. He wrote and sold ad copy for everyone from Howard Stern to Don and Mike, including hundreds of :10, :30, and :60 second spots. He has worked with
thousands of small businesses, helping them to build sales and increase traffic flow via radio sponsorship, NTR and web SEO. Currently he mediates a writer's workshop called Litmocracy, and writes freelance articles, columns, books and films. In the past he's written for Independent Rising Magazine, The 19th Tee out of Atlanta, and a slew of newspapers and articles. He has two films in pre-production and is writing and ghost writing a number of projects, including Barbara Terry's forthcoming book, How Athletes Roll, including interviews with 40 famous pro athletes.

College/grad students need help with your essays or writing projects? As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend Don's editing/writing skills. His prices are also reasonable.

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