Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wisdom: Thoughts From the Indian Masters (1)

"When a man begins to have a vision larger than his own truth, when he realizes that it is much larger than it at first seemed, he begins to become conscious of his moral nature. His perspective on life necessarily changes, and his will takes the place of his desires. So comes about the conflict between our inferior self and our superior self, between our desires and our will, between our greed for objects that appeal to our senses and the purpose that comes from the bottom of our heart."
Rabindranoth Tagori
"First of all, accept yourself. When you do not accept yourself and imagine yourself to be someone different, a conflict arises between what you believe you are and what you really are."
Svami Prajnanpad
"Freedom is a state of mind___not freedom from something."
The Ten Commandments
1. The most damaging one letter word___"I"___AVOID IT.
2. The most satisfying two letters word__"We"__USE IT.
3. The most poisonous three letters word__"EGO"__KILL IT.
4. The most used four letters word ___"Love"____VALUE IT.
5. The most pleasing five letters word__"Smile"__KEEP IT.
6. The fastest spreading six letters word__Rumour"___IGNORE IT.
7. The enviable seven letters word___"Success"___ACHIEVE IT.
8. The nefarious eight letters word___"Jealousy"__DISTANCE IT.
9. The powerful nine letters word ___"Knowledge"___ACQUIRE IT.
10. The essential ten letters word___"Confidence"___ TRUST IT.
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