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Topic: "Delivered work on redeveloping and securing the viability of the access ramps to highway 162. Local authorities, administrators and technicians attending the ceremony ended it with an auspicious toast, pastries and fireworks provided by an exultant and excited Alderman Mimmo Esposito."

An atmosphere of festivity and of gratifying institutional synergy has accompanied the delivery of the "work of Redeveloping and securing the viability of the access ramps to highway 162 of Castello di Cisterna. This morning, October 29, 2009, the area of the event radiated with the tam tam of fireworks as in the more traditional folk festivities that enliven the local communities of Southern Italy. The celebration belongs to all the citizens of the towns of Pomigliano D'Arco, Castello di Cisterna, Marigliano, Mariglianella, San Vitaliano, and Brusciano, those who served more, can now draw a sigh of relief and, after a three year period of frustrating expectations, can applaud to the concreteness of the work."

The cheering and excited Alderman Mimmo Esposito, who has the responsibility toward roads and the Municipal Police of the City of Brusciano, shared a positive morning with various political, technical and institutional representatives that were present: the town of Castello di Cisterna, the extraordinary commissioner Dr. Antonio Scozzese, the Commander of the Municipal Police Maria Rosaria Petrillo and the Engineer of the Technical Office Tommaso Zerella; for the City of Brusciano, the Mayor Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, Assessor of Public Works Eng. Angelo Maione, the Assessor for Budget and Finance Dr. Carmine Guarino, the Assessor for Sports and Entertainment Francesco Maione Arch and City Councilors Nicola Di Maio, Giuseppe Cristiani and Vincenzo Cerciello and the Municipal Police Commander Capt. Louis Ciccone; for the Consortium ASI of Naples, the engineer Antonello Calderoni and for the firm Edrevea SpA in Naples, the Engineer D'Aniello.

The unblocking of that road line means alleviating local mobility especially for users in Brusciano. Also improved are the traffic needs for general emergency services: Ambulance, Fire Department and the same Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

Alderman Mimmo Esposito said: "Today is a day of great satisfaction for me, for the Mayor Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano and the entire administration. To be able to see with the eyes not only our fellow citizens but all users of the area of Agro-Pomiglianese-Nolano at last the starting of the work on the ramps. Working in silence, with tenacity, stubbornness, no posters, or other events, we have kept our promise to the people." Thanks-concluded Alderman Esposito-the Prefect of Naples, the Consorzio ASI, the Government Commissioner of Reclamation and all local institutional participants at the table of the prefecture. The commitment of the Communal Administration of Brusciano does not end here, but already has in program other goals". The ceremony of the work was concluded with an auspicious toast, pastries and fireworks provided by an exultant and excited Alderman Mimmo Esposito.

Translation from Italian into English by Miriam Medina

Press Release October 29, 2009
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