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Topic: "To Brusciano it is called "Usury and Racket in our Territory" on Friday October 30th at the School "Dante Alighieri". Initiative of the Association "Citta Invisibile". Patronage of the Comunity of Brusciano with the Municipality of the City Council."

Friday, October 30th at 19:00, near the historic elementary school "Dante Alighieri", in Piazza XI Settembre, in Brusciano there will be a conference on the theme "Usury and Racket in our Territory." The initiative, promoted by the Association "Citta Invisibile" of Brusciano, "Youth Forum" in San Vitaliano, in collaboration with the Anti-racket Association "Domenico Noviello" by Pomigliano D'Arco enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Brusciano, led by Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, for the Presidency of the Municipal Council of Antonio Di Palma.

The Institutional greetings are those of Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano, Mayor of Brusciano; Dr. Carmine Guarino, Assessor of Finances and Budget of the Municipality of Brusciano; Professor Luigi Gesuele, Educational Director of the Didactic Circle "Dante Alighieri", On. Corrado Gabriele, Councillor of School and Works of the Campania Region and of Parlimentary, on. Francesco Barbato.

The programmed interventions will be ensured by the President of the Cultural Association "La Citta Invisibile" di Brusciano, Felice Marotta; President of the Anti-racket Association "Domenico Noviello" by Pomigliano D'Arco, Salvatore Cantone; Antonio Castaldo, sociologist and journalist: Agnese Ginocchio, International Ambassador for Peace and Legality; Don Giovanni Lo Sapio, pastor of the parish "San Sebastiano Martire" of Brusciano; Prof. Amato Lamberti, of the Regional Observatory on the Camorra and the journalist of "Mattino" in Naples, Rosaria Capacchione, author of "L' Oro della Camorra".

To moderate the meeting, joining likewise with the Deputy Mayor of Brusciano Dr. Vincenzo Cerciello, will be Paola Coppola of the editorial "L'Ambasciatore" a periodical of the area directed by Francesco Martignetti.

An artistic contribution is expected of Rocco Di Maiolo of the "Musical Academy of Brusciano" and of Agnese Ginocchio in "Words and Music for Law and Peace."

The President of the City Council, Antonio Di Palma, confirmed "full membership at the convention which deals with the dramatic and current themes of "Racket and Usury. The institutional support provided by our local sponsorship for the Presidency of the council, whose office has been in effect from May 28, 2009, honors us and wants this to also be an indicator to young people and associations to engage more actively together with the institutions. The school that is hosting us concluded president Antonio Di Palma-historic "Dante Alighieri" is certainly the first civic education of Bruscianesi students and it's nice that we are all together, with the distinguished guests at this important event of civic engagement for legality.

Translation from Italian to English by Miriam Medina

Press Release October 28, 2009
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