Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (5)

So now I ask you, when was the last time you had an extraordinary moment? Is it fear that is holding you back from living an extraordinary life? Fear of failure, fear of being ridiculed by others, and fear of what others may think of you, even fear of success? Would you rather continue to live with neurotic patterns rather than make changes? Are you one of those that remain in a state of lethargy and non-action? Get out of the rut you are in, and begin to explore new horizons. Failed in your business? Do not forget that you still have the creativity and ingenuity, with which you originally started out with, and can begin another business using this same creativity and ingenuity, which will result in a much more successful and prosperous accomplishment .Get rid of the Self-limitation which you have been imposing upon yourself, keeping you from achieving success and experiencing extraordinary moments in your life. When you change the belief about yourself, then the outward experiences will be changed also. Work with whatever you have and move forward, taking advantage of the opportunities that surround you and let the results speak for themselves.

Discouragement? It comes to all of us at one time or another. Sometimes failure to attain a goal may lead unexpectedly to another of a more rewardingly experience so don't remain in that state of discouragement. Give your attention to the positive; you will be amazed at how the influential people that are needed, the right opportunities and favorable situations will present themselves in order to bring your goal to a successful completion. . Unload the "woe is me" attitude, you are not at the mercy of fate. I reiterate, what you have and where you are today are the effects of all the choices and decisions you keep making in your life. Life gives back to you exactly what you believe you can accomplish and believe what you are able to accept for yourself in your own mind. No more and no less.

Most of all you need to focus on Self-Acceptance. As a start, begin to eliminate all negative beliefs about yourself which are holding you back from experiencing more extraordinary moments. Love and accept yourself completely for who you are. Acknowledge that YOU are an extraordinary person with unique talents and have an extraordinary potential to accomplish the things that you really desire. Do not allow yourself to indulge in a negative mental attitude when your circumstances are not working out the way you expected it to happen. Try to trace the real source of the anxiety and worry which will help you to have better control of the situation and take steps to deal with what is really troubling you, then move on.

To be continued: Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (6)

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