Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (3)

Some parents become deeply affected by the lack of appreciation expressed by their children which makes them most unhappy. With all good and noble intentions, these parents have worked and sacrificed to give them the comforts and pleasures which they themselves were not able to enjoy growing up. Their ultimate desire is to make the lives of their children easier by protecting them from lack, showering them with material benefits, which he or she is able to supply. Though the parents experienced happiness in making their children happy by satisfying their every want and whim, they are neglecting to provide for them a strong and stable foundation to gain strength of character by learning how to struggle and fend for themselves.

There is no substitute for the Human Connection. One must teach their child to understand and be appreciative of all that their parents do for them. Parents also need to make time to interact with their children showing them how much they love them by sharing themselves as generously as they share their money.Human warmth is the best physical communication that brings its own special kind of reassurance for both parent and child. Keep reassuring your child, teen-ager, young adult that you will always be there for them no matter what. No only say you love him or her unconditionally, but follow up with affection and most of all listen to what they have to say. You will be amazed and rewarded by the return of their love and even their appreciation.

The purchase of the house which you scrimped and saved for years is finally realized. You are now the proud owner of your first or a more expensive home. Once the experience of the extraordinary moment is over, you begin to focus on other things that you want. As you begin to satisfy each desire, then new desires keep surfacing, which becomes an endless progression. So the more you want, the less happier you are feeling.

To be continued: Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (4)

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