Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (1)

By Miriam Medina

What is an extraordinary moment?

An extraordinary moment can be defined as something out of the ordinary, "far exceeding the usual; exceptional; remarkable." It is an experience or some sort of achievement that may change your life forever. Once it happens, the effect is only momentary, becoming a thing of the past. The images of that moment are deeply marked in one's memory or sub-consciousness to which only a small percentage of it can be conjured up.

These extraordinary moments flow in and out of our daily experiences. They are what people want out of life, and the more of these moments that they have, the better.

The immediate reaction to an extraordinary moment is one of happiness, or better yet bliss, which is ecstatic, perfected happiness, displayed by tears, laughter, joyful shouts or just a simple grin...Happiness is a profound warm feeling.

Extraordinary moments are interpreted differently by most people. For some it could be the excitement of their wedding day, the birth of their first-born, a long awaited promotion to a great job, the exhilarated feeling of their first love, moving into their first home, starting a new business,while for others it would be getting their first driver's license,being ordained into the ministry, seeing his or her manuscript accepted by a publisher, winning in sports, getting accepted by the college of his or her choice, a long awaited investment that ultimately paid off, so on and so forth.

However, once the novelty and excitement of that fleeting exalted moment passes, and one is caught up with its daily routine and responsibility, then life is viewed differently. For some people, newer emotions of a negative nature begin to manifest themselves. Unpleasant feelings such as anxiousness, fear, discouragement, failure, inadequacy, frustration, anger, disappointment, resentment, loneliness and rejection encourage many of these individuals to look forward to some" imagined future time when things will eventually work itself out, or that they will become more financially stable in the hopes of improving their situation." Yet there are others who feel they have lived their lives richly by tuning into positive sentiments.

To be continued: Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (2)

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