Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (4)

Okay, so now you finally got that promotion to a great job. Wasn't that an extraordinary moment for you?

"Yes, it was at the time..."

"Oh, oh, what happened?"

"That extra money in my paycheck looked good at first, but then after taxes, it didn't add up to much." "The position just didn't meet my expectations!"

May I ask why?

"Too many responsibilities... more than I anticipated," "I've been putting in longer hours and getting paid the same," "My family complains they don't see enough of me," " There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not up-tight," "I hate the perfume my secretary wears everyday, it gives me such a sinus headache," "I can't stand my boss, he's a real pain in the b____, he is always finding fault with my work.... "

Doesn't this sound like a person who is terribly unhappy and dissatisfied with the job? If this individual is unhappy with the job, then he or she must be unhappy away from the job as well. This one is definitely hanging on for dear life to a Negative Mental Attitude.

Now for the flip-flop side, people that practice a Positive Mental Attitude. Whether these individuals are experiencing mental and emotional conflicts or frustrations regarding their employment, they are motivated to take a positive view of the situation as well as of themselves to see how they can improve and perfect it. They are determined to learn more about their position as well as the background of the company they work for, so that they can become more skilled toward making their work situation satisfactory. They will do whatever they have to do, even to the point of setting mini goals for themselves. Although, the job has ceased to provide intellectual stimulation or challenges, these individuals will look at each obstacle as a stepping-stone to something much better, turning their disadvantages to advantages...

To Be continued: Beyond The Extraordinary Moment (5)

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