Friday, July 27, 2012

With Time Everything Goes Away-A Poem

Expert Author Miriam B MedinaBy Miriam B. Medina

We all have friends or family members, people whom we love, who make mistakes and grow apart from us over time, but time rules us all. This poem is a plea, from any lost friend or lover, to a person they care about, a person who is ignoring their own race against time, ruining their life to gain momentary pleasure. A mistake that we all make at one time or another.
Eva, Where have you been all this time?
I've been trying to reach you,
You're not an easy person to find!
It's been a long time since I've heard from you,
All of your other friends have been asking too
Where has she gone? What can be wrong?
Has anybody seen her?
Eva we used to be able to talk.
Oh, do you still remember
All those times we went for a walk?
How we would laugh away in our own carefree way
All those troubles that bogged us down
Now those times will never come again
For you have changed so much, my friend.
I hear you're running around with every man in town
So what will you do when there's no longer arms waiting to hold you?
How will you feel when all those memories come to taunt you?
Every night alone, staring at the phone,
Oh girl then what will you do? What will you do?
Life is what you have lost, my dear sweet friend
To me it shouldn't matter where you are going
Or where you have been.
You say: Please don't be concerned for me,
I'm living fine in all my luxuries,
Doing grand, really I am!

So you've sold your soul for pennies
Just to live a life of ease
But you can't fool me, Eva,
Living your own masquerade.
The tears, you hide with laughter
Protects a heart yearning for love,
So before you turn away, hear what I have to say,
'Cause I'm speaking friend to friend
With me you never need pretend.
I'll always love you to the end.
You only have one life to live, so try to live it right.
One day you'll find yourself alone, waiting by the phone,
Wishing for someone to call and say I love you.
So tell me girl, then what will you do? What will you do??
Eva, who will share your laughter and your tears? Who will quiet all your fears?
Who will caress you in the moonlit darkness, erasing pain gained over the years.
Time goes by so quickly, it makes us ignore yesterday
Eventually everything goes away.... Memories of youth and passion fade.
Then you'll feel weary, old and tired, like an exhausted horse whose time expired,
And whether you're ready or not, eventually time loves us no more.
Because with Time, everything simply goes away.
We might win battles but we all lose the war.

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