Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nature's Lesson- A Poem

By Miriam B. Medina

A poem relating to the beauty of nature and the serenity and guidance it can provide. When down or lost, there's nothing like nature to put things in perspective. A bird fights against the breeze, a tree stands the test of time. All of these wonderful symbols of nature teach us how to hope and move on, and how much beauty exists in the universe, even when we feel blue, nature, like poetry, is a cure for the blues.

I leaned my tired head against the inviting window, to see what waited outside for me
Watching and spying the grand design, I contemplated a stalwart, proud old Pine tree
The weathered tree stood straight and strong, not one leaf did despair
A testament to time basking in the warmth of the sun, billowing in the air,
The tree seemed stoic, much like me, relishing a treasured moment of sweet serenity...
I closed my eyes and sighed, as the weary hearted so often will
And thought to myself, how nice to lean on one so straight, so strong and still
Her pine needles seem to cheerfully dance, in the swirl of the wandering breeze
While her branches swim, sway, and scrape the skies, a wispy cloud floats with ease...
From somewhere in the distance I heard a melodious hum, like some ancient lullaby
I stepped outside so that I could see, the scope of her splendor sprawled against the sky
I watched as her branches swooped down and coddled, caressing the ground lovingly
Refreshing my soul and vitalizing my weary spirit, in a manner so motherly...
Suddenly my life took on a whole new meaning, my heart waking from a wintery dream
Flowing all throughout my soul as a river of joy merging into an endless, flowing stream
Oh how peaceful, that exhilarated moment, I could feel all of my burdens slipping away
Just to learn and understand the reason for my being, Gave me repose, a reason to say
That understanding the depth of it all, helps me appreciate what I have each and every day...
The blooming flowers in all its colorful beauty, The way that nature dresses up with ease
Belies the simple pleasure of flowing life found in the coolness of the gentle breeze
The sweetness of the songs of birds, the chirping swallows fluttering as they please
The joy of nature's grandeur in a blooming rose, how immense is my love for these...
Oh Mother Nature with all thy flourishing splendor, you are such a lovely sight to see,
No matter how tough my day or rough my life, I know that like all nature I am free,
But most of all, ever so grateful and secure in you, I know that I will always be
As a token to eternal life, like the proud dear kind Mother Pine Tree...

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