Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's A Senior Dog Life-A Poem

By Miriam B. Medina

We all get older, and aging can make life difficult, even for our beloved pets. Where would we be without our pets? They make us happy. They shower us with unbridled affection. They ease our stress. So what can we do for them? What should we do for our pets as they age? How can we best take care of our pets so they have a long, fulfilled, meaningful life, in as much comfort as we can provide them?

As your dog, or any pet ages though, you have to take special care of them. Your dog goes from being your steadfast companion to a loving family member that you have to take special care of. You have to start choosing food for them that's easy to chew as their teeth rot with age due to gum disease. You have to watch their diet to ensure that they get the nutrition they need. You have to be careful of over feeding, as excess weight affects their joints. Massaging your dog will help with joint stiffness and will improve blood circulation as well. In short, you have to be an informed caregiver if you want your aging dog to enjoy his or her golden years. For whatever little time that I may have left with the old fella', I want to make him as comfortable as I can. Here is his poem, and a poem for all the wonderful aging canines out there!
Woof, mommy and daddy dearest
I wuv' you so much...
When my hips become painful,
They're soothed by your loving touch...
Whenever I'm hungry
You make sure I'm well fed
When I spend the day sleeping, there's always
A toy and blankets on my bed.
So soft and warm and cuddly too
It's like I'm in heaven, believe me it's true!
You know how much I like sleeping on your chair
But it's so hard to jump, there's too much pain to bear.
I walk with a wobble, like I'm wearing high heels,
My breath stinks so bad, it makes milk congeal.
Sometimes you let me lick your hands and others your face,
Even after I lick myself in every private place.
It's tough getting old, can't even hold my own mess
So I wear that stupid diaper all the time, but it's better than a dress!
So here we are, two best friends, the best that will ever be,
One thing's for sure, we'll forever have each other's loyalty.
Wuv' Buddy

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