Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Student's Prayer-A Poem

By Miriam B. Medina

Most students hate exams. It's also why most people in Western Civilization learn to procrastinate as a defense mechanism, and it's why we, as a people, believe that a little effort means average and equality, which explains the popularity of reality shows these days. In view of we're encouraged to put off everything we can until the last second, when the world around us explodes and forces us to focus making us do too much in too little an amount of time. In a nutshell, procrastination is the foundation that all civilized society is built upon. We accept mediocrity from others because we sure as hell know one day, sooner or later; we're going to put something off until the last second. It's the American Way. Now, if you don't mind, there's an awesome black and white movie coming on television that I haven't seen in years. I need to go watch it! So here's a prayer I wrote, for every student who has ever attended school, and any adult who has an important report due the first day back after a weekend or after a long Holiday vacation

Every time I have to study,
I pray to the Lord I don't go nutty,
A computer may help me learn this junk,
But will it help me so I don't flunk?
There's so much to do,
And so much to Cram
Yikes! There's mom and dad glaring
I better pass that exam...
There's no sympathy or pity for me at all...
No where to turn, but for the study hall...
So dear Lord, please help me pass tomorrow's test,
So mom and dad will stop nagging and I can finally rest......

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