Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts of an Italian Writer: Article #3

Dr. Antonio Castaldo, Sociologist and Journalist, Brusciano, Italy.

"The Modern Dance"

The City of Brusciano, led by Mayor, Dr. Angelo Antonio Romano and the Sports and Entertainment Department architect Francesco Maione, has granted the Patronage to a great event of art and culture. The City Council of Brusciano, Director of Social Policies, Nicola Di Maio has commissioned Antonio Castaldo of the Press Office for the communicative contribution in the brochure of presentation:

"Shalom", is a beautiful word with which to begin a meeting to open the human spirit to a productive emphatic contact. It is carved in a greek-Jewish inscription of the IV century A.D. discovered in Brusciano at the beginning of last century and there identified in the 50s only to be brought to its residence at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. "Peace" is the corresponding word in Italian, but it is a concept that universally accompanies the history of man, and precisely this content, this spirit, has humanized our evolutionary journey on this earth. So it was nice to hear recently expressed in the quotation symbol of Muslim identity with "Assalam aleikum (peace be with you) in the greetings of U.S. President, Barack Obama in a speech at Cairo University in Egypt and of Pope Benedict XVI in the opening of the Mass in Nazareth at his last visit to the Holy Land in front of thousands of people from Israel, Europe and the United States. And again, directly affected the newly passed experience at the Pontifical Basilica of Sant'Antonio di Padova, as a simple and powerful Franciscan greeting of "Peace and Good" received every time, along with Prime Minister Antonio Di Palma and the President of the Feast of the Gigli, Nicola Di Maio during the week of preparation for the big event of cultural and religious exchange culminated with the pilgrimage, led by Don Giovanni Lo Sapio, and the "Ballad of Gigli of Brusciano", led by Mayor Angelo Antonio Romano, Sunday May 31 in Padova.

Signs, symbols, cultures, peoples, civilizations and identities that come together and talks under the sign of peace, as repertoire of the "Modern Dance" of Clelia Cortinia from Brusciano. I had the pleasure of working with some moments of the long creative journey of "Modern Dance" in 2003, winning the International 1st Prize of San Marino and "Donne Afgane"; and in 2004, to review regional "Teatrum et Ars" in Saviano, with "Il bacio dell' addio"; in 2007, participation in the Prize "Gallo D'Oro" in Mariglianella, conceived and directed by journalist Anita Capasso, who was the guest of honor of the award-winning Franca Rame. This year's Modern Dance celebrates its first twenty years of activity with the festival "Free Art" enriched by the notes of the Neapolitan pianist Ivana D'Addona, the collaboration of the Nunzia Zazzera and the sponsorship of the Community of Brusciano and of Saviano and the Province of Naples. Clelia Cortini the choreographer, his students and associates and our warmest good wishes for what he has done and continues to do for artistic growth, social and cultural of Brusciano and of southern Italy into a united Europe.

Dr. Antonio Castaldo

Translation from Italian to English: Miriam Medina


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